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CodeToArt Technology Pvt. Ltd. (formerly Mobisys Technology) is an mobile app development company having 3 years of experience in creating art out of technology. We believe that with your vision and our artistic app development skills, we can create beautiful art. Being led by technical partners, we develop app with best of coding practices and thrilled you with our work quality.


We provide full-cycle development services, starting from prototyping & designing, development & testing to deployment & publishing. We are specialized in Android & iOS app development with backend using ruby based frameworks.

Skilled Team

Skilled & Focused team. Every new engineer who joins CodeToArt goes through one or two weeks of training before becoming ``artist`` at CodeToArt.

Agile Approach

We share git repo with you right from start of development. During development we send you frequent builds, so, you can always give feedback along the way.

High Quality Code

Being led by technical partners, we understand the importance of code quality. We follow all best coding practices & thrive on latest native tools during development.

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Work Culture


Round Table Culture – A Round Table culture believes in equal status to all. No hierarchy! You can convey your ideas & suggestions to anyone at anytime. We’ll always support & encourage you to work on your idea.

No Dress Code – We love Google and we agree to their philosophy that “You can be serious without a suit.”. So there is no restriction on dress code from our side. You can come to office wearing 3/4th pants ;-).

Flexible Timings – Set your own working hours depending on your lifestyle.

Growth Potential – Guaranteed yearly appraisal. Interim appraisals/bonus/rewards/incentives may also possible.

If you are an iOS/Android developer interested in joining our team, please email your CV to careers@codetoart.com

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We think there is no creation without collaboration. So, if you are a development focused company you might want to extend your team or add skills to your existing team. We do integrate with other team and adds our expertise.

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Do you have a great business concept or an idea for a startup project? Are you in search of developers who understand your goals from a business perspective? Do you want them to handle all the work on the way to make a competitive mobile product?

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