How many people are on your team?

We are small sized development agency having 10 developers & designers. But we work out of our weight and develop even large-sized app with ease and efficiency.

Where is your team located?

We have full office located in Pune, India. Though, we are located in India, we have most of our client based in US. We uses tools like slack, github and have call to keep client in sync with us.

What is typical process like?

There is nothing typical process as such. We engage with each client according to his needs. We can come in whenever you need us like when idea is shaping up or when you need engineering for your already designed idea. Though we vary our process for every client, our approach basically have following steps:

a. Understand your business requirements and design wireframes: We spend with you/your team to know more about your business requirements or product idea. We start working on wireframes from the idea we generated collaboratively. With wireframes, it’s cheaper to find what works and what doesn’t at early stage.

b. Setup for development: We setup slack team, gitlab repository & Trello board. Trello board and Gitlab repository will be integrated with slack so, you will always know what is going on in project. All team member will be on slack, so you can communicate directly with any team-member if required.

c. Development: Once we have wireframes signed off from you, we start development. From the first day of development, we share the gitlab repo with you. We welcome your involvement from start. This is possible only because we are very confident about our developers.

d. Frequent Builds: While development, we’ll send you frequent builds so, you will always know where we are at and you can give us any feedback along the way.

e. QA & Support: We want to ensure that you are happy with result and more than happy to pay for our work. So, QA period let us hunt for bugs and polish the app to perfection. We can support the clients after launch for any feature enhancements or keeping the app uptodate in case of OS change. We don’t leave our clients hanging.

How much do you cost?

It vary for project-to-project & client-to-client. But we normally charge 20$-25$ per hour depending on volume of project. We believe in transparent costing, so, we provide detail report of each hour we spend on your project..

What you think which technically challenged app you have developed?

Each project have it’s own challenge. We have developed app which involves real-time navigation using sockets, apps which have real-time bidding, app where we need to have data synced across all platforms but at the same time user can generate data even when he is offline. We have got capability to do almost anything in Android and iOS.

What kind of post-production support you provide?

Many clients opt for monthly retainer with certain number of hours set for each month. In that, we do bug fixes, feature enhancements & keeping the app uptodate with OS change or if library updated.

Are you an offshoring company?

Nope. Though we are based in India and most of our clients are based in US, we are not offshoring company. We are proud creative development agency. Keeping our base in India allows us to hire best developers at competitive rate in India.

How long have you been around?

We started in Jan 2012.

Have you worked with agency/dev shop who have there own clients?

Yes, we do. Please contact us for more info.

How many apps do you have in play store / app store?

Around 50 apps in play store and 25 apps in app store

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