Sixth time in a row, iPhone tops the US Smartphone customer satisfaction survey carried out by J.D.Power and Associates.

iPhone scored 838 points with great satisfaction in all areas particularly in physical features and ease of operation followed by HTC (801).

According to report, the key factors of overall satisfaction with traditional wireless handsets are: performance (31%); ease of operation (24%); physical design (24%); and features (20%). For smartphones, the key factors are: performance (35%); ease of operation (24%); features (21%); and physical design (20%).

Report also claims that Customers

are highly satisfied with 4G-capable devices. Satisfaction among customers using 4G-capable phones averages 819, compared with 786 among customers using phones with 3G capability.

AUTHOR: Mahavir Jain

Founder @CodeToArt, Leads Android Development at CodeToArt.

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