About us

We help businesses succeed on global markets by providing them intuitive mobile and web solutions keeping optimum attention to ROI.

About Us

We build full-stack web and mobile applications using the latest tools and technology that help clients scale new frontiers. Our team of experienced developers examine requirements, design and develop solutions tailored for specific needs of our clients.

Our mission is to develop end to end scalable & maintainable web and mobile applications ensuring long term relations with our esteemed clients.

What we bring to the table is

  • Extensive experience of working with US-based teams and varied portfolios
  • Led by technical partners
  • A team of end to end solution providers
  • Attention to details
  • Small & Focused team
What we do?

We have developed solutions which has been used by end Users, Businesses and Developers.

How we do?

We uses latest native tools and proven technologies to build maintainable and scalable solutions.

Our Work

We are proud to work with clients like Appetize, QuestaGame and CAMighty who went on to get investments and awards.

Our Team

Mahavir jain


Vikas hiran

Cofounder & web app lead

Vikas jain

Mobile app lead

Dnyaneshwar walzade

Backend lead

Why us?

Design, Not Decoration

We don't decorate the apps with over-fancy UI but we try to make the app talk to customers using simple and easy to use UI/UX designs. We think that app should work as natural as possible so, before starting development we spend good amount of time in understanding and brainstorming your requirements and user flows. Based on those inputs, we design the UI/UX keeping your business objectives in mind.

Led By Technical Partners

Team is bootstrapped by technical Founders who have experience of serving many US-based startups. Some startups like Appetize raised good investments while other startups like QuestaGame went on to win many innovation awards. Apart from being technical, they also understand your business objectives and always advise founders to keep the user flows & stories as simple as possible and encourage them to go to the market quickly and iterate the product based on their audience feedback.

No Creation Without Collaboration

We believe in close collaboration between our clients and our team of developers working together towards achieving a common goal. Combining your vision and our experience helps us understand your brand well and accordingly lay down a process to uncover challenges, constraints, and weave the best approach to turn your idea into a digital reality that equates with the audience. Working in collaboration puts all minds together and combines each one's expertise to tackle every aspect of the shared goal.

Our client’s achievements