Android Ice-cream Sandwich: The most awaited

Google is continuously mesmerizing the mobile phone and tablet market by releasing new and powerful versions of Android every now and then. The next most awaited release is the Android ice-cream sandwich. If one performs a Google search, he will find that android community has only released the screenshots, and till now no other details is leaked.

It is believed that all the excitement will end by phizer viagra the end of October. As according to an interview given by Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt, the most awaited date of release of Android’s new flavor is most probably October/November this year.

There are rumors that there will be collaboration between Samsung and Google for the first device that will have next Android release, and the first device will be Samsung I9250 or Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

As Google said that the Ice-cream Sandwich is going to minimize the difference between Mobile phone and tablet, we must wait for the penultimate moment. Next arrival seems to be very

promising and will finish up the unfinished Honeycomb.

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