Disaster Management App
5 Features Your Disaster Management App Should Have To Be Successful

Must-have features of a reliable disaster management app that ensures technology saves lives during natural calamities and helps manage post-disaster risk.

Native Vs Hybrid App
Native Vs Hybrid Apps-The way to go in 2019?

Complete guide to understand and effectively use powerful applications Native and Hybrid, that ensure responsive and secure apps being compatible on any platforms.

Android App
Building Multiple Versions of an Android App (Product Flavors)

A detailed guide to Android product flavors for building multiple versions of an Android application.

ZXing in Android
QR code scanning using ZXing in Android

Learn to integrate ZXing lib into an Android app for QR code scanning.

React Component
Infinite Scrolling/More Loading without using library in React Component

In the world of fast-paced technological society, Who has the time to click number of pages and its contents? People always look for shortcuts, swipes and ..

Rookies Guide to Swift
A Rookie’s Guide to Swift

Nearly two years after the SDK was launched, Apple realized the limitations of Objective-C and started working on a new language for iOS and OS X developers around 2010,

Swift 3
Swift 3 - Tips and Tricks

While beginning with Swift 3, most of the syntax changes will be taken care by auto-complete, but there are few cases where even auto-complete won’t help.

Implementation of Model-View-Presenter (MVP) design pattern on Android

A step-by-step guide to Model-View-Presenter (MVP) and its implementation in Android.

ReactJs – 2 Ways to Create React Components

Understand the most important concept of ReactJs i.e Components. And types of component i.e Class Component and Function Component.

React Web App
How to load React Web App faster?

ReactJS app's bundle JS files are very big, so to make the web app load faster, we can enable Gzip on the web server (Apache, Nginx, etc.)

Mobile App Development
Should You Outsource Your Mobile App Development?

A complete overview of how outsourcing your app development will be an effective approach for developing a scalable application.

App Metrics
Make It Measurable: 15 App Metrics You Should Track

Key app metrics you need to track for your mobile application and optimize your app to reach the right target audience and stay visible through high rank in app stores.