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4th March 2019

The best 5 Personal Finance Apps

You must have come across the need for a financial app that can help you in bringing up your budget...

By arungopinath

26th December 2018

Recommended Android App Architecture

This blog is based on Guide to app architecture, which doesn’t advocate to use any particular architecture but mostly focuses...

By hrishikeshkadam

10th December 2018

How to load React Web App faster?

ReactJS framework is a new step forward that has provided the front-end developer to come up and build a new...

By vikashiran

20th November 2018

Android Jetpack

Jetpack is a collection of Android software components to make it easier for you to develop great Android apps. It...

By hrishikeshkadam

28th December 2017

A Rookie’s Guide to Swift

Nearly two years after the SDK was launched, Apple realized the limitations of Objective-C and started working on a new...

By mahavirjain

7th November 2017

Is Your Mobile App Ready For iOS 11?

Apple rolled out iOS 11 on September 19, 2017 with changes to the design, app product pages, in-app payments and...

By varunmehta

12th November 2016

Swift 3 Tips

While beginning with Swift 3, most of the syntax changes will be taken care by auto-complete, but there are few cases...

By priyank

21st October 2016


As in the previous blog we have seen some tips and tricks of android studio. In this article we will...

By avezraj

15th October 2016

Released FolioReader v0.1.0

We recently released Android version of FolioReader v0.1.0, an open-source epub-reader. Checkout at It have following features: Custom Fonts & Text size...

By mahavirjain

7th October 2016

Xcode Tips – Edit all in scope

In this series of articles, I am going to mention few shortcuts that I hope would help you become more...

By varunmehta

28th September 2016

Android Studio Tips & Tricks

In this Article we are going to see some coolest tips which should be used by programmer in Android Development....

By sameerkhader

17th August 2016

Simple way to write android Logs

Everyone writes logs during project development, as logs are really helpful for debugging applications, displaying exceptions or errors. But this...

By vikashiran

7th July 2016

ConstraintLayout Performance

Google announced new Android layout called “ConstraintLayout” in IO 2016. Currently it is in Alpha release. Good news about ConstraintLayout...

By mahavirjain

5th July 2016


Google announced new Android layout called “ConstraintLayout” in IO 2016. Currently it is in Alpha release. Good news about ConstraintLayout is it...

By mahavirjain

12th December 2012

Google Rolls Out Android Maps API v2

Note: Version 1 of the Google Maps Android API as been officially deprecated as of December 3rd, 2012. This means...

By vikashiran

30th June 2012

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Announced

Google used its I/O 2012 conference in San Francisco to unveil the latest release of Android. Carrying the version number...

By vikashiran

30th June 2012

NFC(Near Field Communication)

What is NFC? Near field communication (NFC) is a set of standards for smartphones and similar devices to establish radio...

By vikashiran

12th April 2012

Android ViewFlinger

ViewFlinger this an android widget (extends ViewGroup) that allows to group a set of views that can be swiped horizontally....

By vikashiran

12th March 2012

Wordy in Android Market (Google Play)

UPDATE: You can also download Wordy and Wordy-Pro from Amazon App Store. Introduction We are introducing a new app “Wordy”,...

By vikashiran

7th March 2012

Android ScrollView

A ScrollView is a special type of FrameLayout in that it allows users to scroll through a list of views...

By vikashiran

21st February 2012

Drawable Resources

A drawable resource is a general concept for a graphic that can be drawn to the screen and which you...

By vikashiran

16th February 2012

Android: Using Camera API

In this tutorial, we will implement one simple camera app with following features: 1) Launch the camera app and it...

By mahavirjain

10th February 2012

Google Chrome Now on Android!!

Well good news for android users. Google announced the Google Chrome for its users and it’s being made available immediately...

By vikashiran

10th February 2012

Android Animations

Android provides two mechanisms that you can use to create simple animations: Tweened animation , in which you tell Android...

By vikashiran

28th January 2012

Android Fonts

Every Android device comes with a collection of standard fonts: Droid Sans, Droid Sans Mono and Droid Serif. They were...

By vikashiran

26th January 2012

SMS Messaging in Android

In this article, we take a look at how you can programmatically send and receive SMS messages in your Android...

By vikashiran

20th January 2012

UI Component: WebView

A View that displays web pages. This class is the basis upon which you can roll your own web browser...

By vikashiran

19th January 2012

UI Components: Part-1

There are several UI components are exist. We will learn some basic components. Button Buttons can be pressed, or clicked,...

By vikashiran

19th January 2012

UI Components: Part-2

RatingBar In Android, you can use “android.widget.RatingBar” to display rating bar component in stars icon. The user is able to...

By vikashiran

16th January 2012

Parsing JSON from URL in Android

Android and JSON JSON is a very condense data exchange format. Android includes the libraries which allow to work...

By vikashiran

15th January 2012

Android Design Guidelines.

Android has now come up with design guidelines. Android has launched a new website to help developers improve the look...

By mahavirjain

9th January 2012

Downloading image in Android

This is about how to invoke an Http Url from an android activity.However, this tutorial also shows how to communicate...

By vikashiran

7th January 2012

Android Threads, Handlers and AsyncTask

UI Thread and Background Processing Android modifies the user interface via one thread, the UI Thread. If the programmer does...

By vikashiran

5th January 2012

Android: Sending & Receiving Broadcast Messages

Broadcast receivers are Android’s implementation of the Publish/Subscribe messaging pattern, more precisely is an Observer pattern. Applications (known as publishers)...

By vikashiran

4th January 2012

Tutorial: Using Android Database

Creating the application for Different manipulations on Employee table 1. Create Project Create the project with the Activity called...

By vikashiran

2nd January 2012

Introduction to Android SQLite Database 1.SQLite and Android a) What is SQLite ? SQLite is an Open Source Database which is embedded into...

By vikashiran

30th December 2011

Android ListActivity

1. Android and Lists ListView Android provides the view ListView which is capable of displaying a scrollable list of items....

By vikashiran

28th December 2011

Android Intents

Intent-based programming is one of the most distinctive features of the Android platform. The entire application space effectively consists of...

By vikashiran

26th December 2011

Activity Lifecycle

Activities in the system are managed as an activity stack. When a new activity is started, it is placed on...

By vikashiran

24th December 2011

Android Dialogs

A dialog is usually a small window that appears in front of the current Activity. The underlying Activity loses focus...

By vikashiran

22nd December 2011

Android Preferences

Most of applications have some setting which user can/needs to configure, and to do this setting a screen needs to...

By vikashiran

21st December 2011

Creating Menus in Android

1. Create Project Select File -> New -> Other -> Android -> Android Project and create the Android project “”....

By vikashiran

20th December 2011

Your First Android Project

1)Create a Project Select File -> New -> Other -> Android -> Android Project and create the Android project “”....

By vikashiran

22nd November 2011

Filtering Logcat in Eclipse

In previous topic we show how to debug android applications using logcat. But, Logcat shows many messages and its really...

By mahavirjain

11th November 2011

Is it Game Over for Nitendo DS and Sony PSP?

Digital content distribution has disrupted several notable industries. With the original iPod media player and iTunes Store, Apple changed the...

By mahavirjain

6th November 2011

Android ProgressBar

We can show ProgressBar while downloading image/video/getting response from server etc. Steps are given below: In main.xml write following code....

By mahavirjain

17th October 2011

iPhone 5 : Is it too late?

iPhone 5, it was this year’s most awaited release by Apple until the arrival of iPhone 4S. iPhone 5 was...

By diwakars

17th October 2011

Default ListView Filter

Many times we want to filter the ListView based on what user types and in Android, simple straightforward way to...

By mahavirjain

24th September 2011

Creating Android Virtual Device (AVD)

Android Development Tools and Android Virtual Device (AVD) manager allows us to create new AVD and manage the existing AVD....

By mahavirjain

18th September 2011

Android Installation Tutorial

Here we will look at how to install Android and set up development environment for Android. Supported OS Windows XP...

By admin