Creating Android Virtual Device (AVD)

Android Development Tools and Android Virtual Device (AVD) manager allows us to create new AVD and manage the existing AVD.

To open AVD manager Navigate to Window => Android SDK and AVD Manager in eclipse.

It shows the list of available AVD’s. We can create our own. While creating new AVD or emulating your android phone, consider following important specifications of your android phone:
1) Platform – Version of the android platform it is running
2) SD Card – Size of the SD card your mobile have
3) Resolution – Resolution of your android mobile
4) LCD Density – Density (pixels per inch, ppi) of your android mobile
5) Device RAM size

Please note that AVD depends on configuration of your machine and most of the times AVD is slow on average configuration. So if you don’t have android device get

used to it :-).

Lets create the AVD which will emulate the HTC sensation android device. Specification of HTC sensation:
1) Platform: Android 2.3
2) SD Card: Any size you can mention
3) Resolution: 540*960
4) LCD Density: 256 ppi

You can mention other hardware characteristics by navigating to “New” button in Create New AVD screen.