LG launches its own Cloud services

LG has announced the new LG Cloud service which is set to go live on May 1, LG Cloud allows users to stream content between their smartphone, television, and PC.

The service utilizes an app on LG

smartphones and TVs, and is different from the cloud storage services that are offered by Google, Microsoft, and others. LG Cloud will synchronize a user’s smartphone content with LG’s servers, and it then can be watched on a television or PC. Additionally, photos and videos that are edited on a user’s PC can be pushed to LG’s servers for viewing on a smartphone or TV. Apps are available for Android – LG Cloud as well as from the LG SmartWorld store on LG Smart TVs, together with PC apps from the LG Cloud site.

LG says that the new Cloud service utilizes its proprietary Real-time Streaming Transcoding technology that converts the content on the server and then streams it to the device, preventing the user from having to wait for the video or image to download. Users do not have to install special codecs or converters to view their content on their devices. LG also says that LG Cloud will also work with 3D content captured with its 3D-capable smartphones, like its Optimus 3D Max.

Both free and paid versions of the LG Cloud will be offered, with pricing and free storage depending on market. Initially, LG is offering 5GB of free space for Korean users with 50GB of extra space for six months for those buying LG phones or smart TVs.