Project Idea

Appetize Activate is a cloud-based enterprise POS and management platform. The aim was to improve the experience of the audience lined up at the venue for food, drinks, and merchandise. It also provides an admin panel where we can find important KPIs helping merchants make informed decisions.


When the Appetize team came to us for Android Development of Appetize Activate, they were already having a stable team in Poland for iOS and backend development. So, we needed to integrate with the existing team and understand their processes, technical resources, etc. Our team quickly gelled up and worked with both Poland and the US team for 5 years straight.


Android App

We developed a POS App for appetize which was capable of processing orders quickly to serve long queues at the venues and stadiums.

Technology Stack

Language - Kotlin
Database - SQLite, Room
Design Pattern - Clean Architecture

Appetize app-1 Appetize app-2 Appetize app-3 Appetize app-4



Quick Order Processing

One of the most important factors for POS is its quick processing of the orders to serve the long queues at Venues and Stadiums.


Offline Ordering

Appetize processes the orders even when there is no internet connection.


Creating Tab

Users can create “Tab” without facing the hassle of making the payment each time order is added to the tab. Payment can be done once the tab is closed and the transaction is completed.


Support All Payments

Supports all major payment methods like Cash, Credit, EMV, NFC, Apple Pay, RFID, Bluetooth and many more


We enjoyed working with Appetize for straight 5 years. They raised good 50M dollar of investments in between. Later they decided to consolidate the team in the US.

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