Project Idea

Leveraging task management software to simplify and streamline processes, improve visibility, reduce manual work and increase productivity. The management platform that gives the team access to all information at one place, keeps them more connected and well-aligned.


They come up with very draft requirements and with limited budget. Since the budget was limited we worked out on important features with the client for the first phase and developed the polished product.


Web App

We design and develop this web app wherein users can import templates, clients, create a one-time and recurring checklist, assign checklist to member, view checklist, complete individual tasks, and the whole checklist.

Admin Panel

Admin panel to monitor the database. Moreover, it also enables admin to import the templates from zip files and update the templates.

Technology Stack

Language - Python
Framework - Flask
Database - Postgresql
Cache - Redis

Language - HTML/CSS, Javascript
Framework - ReactJS, Redux

Language - Kotlin
Database - SQLite, Room
Design Pattern - Clean Architecture

Language - Swift
Database - Realm
Design Pattern - MVVM

eProcessify app-1 eProcessify app-2 eProcessify app-3 eProcessify app-4



Put processes into practice

Create your process and make it as a template. Put your processes into practice by creating the checklist from the template. The app helps train new employees and ensures everyone works in the same manner.


Real-time reporting and track progress

Assign tasks to people and track the progress. Set due dates and automate reminders. It also enables us to check real-time reports anytime.


Better planning & increase productivity

Since you can have real-time reports, it enables you to optimize the resources and make better planning.


Single work platform increases transparency and helps organize work

Your team has one central application to share thoughts, work progress, manage issues, simplify and orchestrate assigned tasks.


eProcessify web app was developed successfully following which we also worked on Android & iOS apps which will soon going to publish.

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