Free-Motion Quilting Idea app
What we did: Android app development
Site link: Google play store/iPhone App StoreLearn how to free-motion quilt alongside Amanda Murphy!
In this universal iOS app, Amanda helps beginner’s take the guesswork out of free-motion quilting with 16 fresh allover designs. Each design includes step-outs and animated videos showing you exactly how to create these stunning and practical motifs. Several of the stitches are explained even further with high-quality video tutorials featuring Amanda. This must-have reference app also includes a video library, making it easy to learn from Amanda at your own pace. Download the app to both your iPad and iPhone so it’s with you any time you want to improve your skill set.

  • 16 fresh allover designs: flames, hearts, leaves, loops, paisleys, peas in a pod, pebbles, petals, rectangular meanders, ribbons, round flowers, stipples, swirling vines, swirls, tubes, and waves
  • Video library embedded in the app so you can watch anywhere, anytime, with no wifi or cellular coverage!
  • Plus 5 bonus videos to enhance your experience (internet connection required)

Based on the best-selling Free-Motion Quilting Idea Book by Amanda Murphy for Stash Books an imprint of C&T Publishing.

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