Project Idea

Questagame streamlines the process from discovery to description. As an outdoor multiplayer mobile adventure game, it helps discover and preserve life & species on the planet. If you have a passion for helping the environment and love bringing to light the rare & beautiful offerings of nature QuestaGame is the platform. It will take you to places and beyond your imagination and makes you part of the community that shares the desire to make real & impactful changes. The app makes you aware of what is happening in the environment around you and ensures even the smallest step taken by you in the direction is rewarded.


We developed the whole idea right from the concept to production and deployment. The whole domain was very new to us and the project itself was complicated since it needed to add gamification in terms of supplies, types of equipment, and gold. We rose to the challenge and developed the app initially for android and later for iOS. We continue working with them straight for 4 years on various enhancements.


Admin Panel

Admin panel verifies the sightings and adds the taxonomy and other scientific information which helps users to gain knowledge of biodiversity. Admin panel also enables users to create various quests to submit sightings and earn gold as a reward.

Mobile App (Android/iOS)

We developed a mobile app that enables users to submit sightings, view their submissions and earn virtual gold. Since the admin verifies the sighting and adds all scientific information related to the sighting, it helps users to gain knowledge about biodiversity. They can join the clan and compete with team members which adds gamification.

Technology Stack

Language - Ruby
Framework - Padrino
Database - Postgresql
Cache - Redis

Language - Java
Database - SQLite
Design Pattern - MVP

Language - Swift
Database - Realm
Design Pattern - MVVM

QuestaGame app-1 QuestaGame app-2 QuestaGame app-3 QuestaGame app-4



In App Camera

Install QuestaGame and see the wildlife around your location, when you spot a rare species around you, take a picture and submit a new sighting. You can use a game camera or your camera, once you submit you get info about the species and also get rewarded.


Real-time Biodiversity Data

Your species collection data is shared with local and global biodiversity databases which adds up a bigger cause of creating a holistic solution to help save the environment.


QuestaGame Challenges you

Keep sighting and get rewarded each time, you can also challenge other players and each one can compete to become the best preserver of life on the planet by moving above the leaderboard. Earn virtual gold*4 more times than normal sightings.


For the visual learners

QuestaGame turns science into fun, it addresses the issues that matter the most interestingly via visuals and gathers all the information in one place.



The user receives notification when his submitted sighting is verified or rejected along with information about the sighting.


Offline Access

In case of no internet connection, QuestaGame even provides offline access to their sightings


We successfully delivered and published maintainable ios and android apps and worked with them for 4 years. QuestaGame received many accolades and innovation awards for the work.

QuestaGame app-5 QuestaGame app-6 QuestaGame app-7 QuestaGame app-8

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