Scan and charge credit cards with your phone is the fast and easy way to accept credit card payments from your phone.

Hold a credit card in front of the phone camera, and it’s scanned automatically! There’s no typing or swiping, and no extra card readers – just point, scan, and start accepting payments. It’s simple, and you can process your first credit card purchase in minutes.

There’s no contracts, setup fees, or monthly fees. You only pay when you charge a card. Pricing is 3.5% plus 30 cents per transaction, and charged amounts are paid to your bank account or PayPal account after 7 days. is safe and secure. No card numbers or payment information is saved, all communication is protected with high-grade encryption, and our servers are hosted in secure facilities. is currently only available in the US. 🙁

Let’s Hope, we can see this app in future

in India. 🙂