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Building Multiple Versions of an Android App (Product Flavors)

Many times we come up with requirement to have multiple version of the same project. For example, we are developing application which have two versions, Pro version and Free version of the same app. We can duplicate the code and create two versions of the same app but in future while making updates,...
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Google Rolls Out Android Maps API v2

Note: Version 1 of the Google Maps Android API as been officially deprecated as of December 3rd, 2012. This means that from March 3rd, 2013 you will no longer be able to request an API key for this version. No new features will be added to Google Maps Android API v1. However, apps using v1 […...
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QR code scanning using ZXing in Android

In this tutorial, we will learn to integrate ZXing lib into an Android app. Let us first get some idea about ZXing. ZXing ZXing (“zebra crossing”) is an open-source, multi-format 1D/2D barcode image processing library implemented in Java, with ports to other languages. ZXing is also host...
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