The best 5 Personal Finance Apps

You must have come across the need for a financial app that can help you in bringing up your budget by managing your entire financial proceedings. Having personal finance management mobile app is not a bad idea as it provides you with a handy option to improvise your budgeting skills without using a spreadsheet or professional help.

You can share your real-time issue and easily plan your weekly or monthly budget with the help of Financial Apps. This will definitely give you a better grip on your personal debt, financial planning, on-time IT returns and other finance-related issues in an effective manner. With the change in lifestyles and an increase in expenses, it has become difficult for anyone to manage their budget and save money for their future financial needs.

The Finance Apps are efficiently designed that makes it capable enough to study your entire track of expenditure and can provide you with valuable tips on how to save more money and where to cut down. The app technology is improving by leaps and bounds with which mobile finance apps are spreading their wings in a broad spectrum. This has enabled them to help hundreds of millions of users willing to increase their information related to finance or want real-time advice from some of the market experts.

In the year 2019, the personal mobile finance app has become pervasive and there are approximately more than 200 billion financial app sessions conducted globally for iOS and Android alone.

Here, we are providing you a list of top 5 financial mobile apps that can help you in dealing with different finance-related issues and have gained maximum acknowledgment from their clients:

1. WALNUT – Money Management App

Walnut is one of the most secured money manager apps that can automatically track your monthly spends based on SMS in an efficient manner. Being within your budget, you can easily pay bills right on time and can save maximum possible money every month without any problem. This app will provide you a proper track of expense made on food, groceries, shopping, and many others and allow you to mark the difference in the saving you are able to do on a monthly basis. Also, Walnut Prime comes with an option in which you can get an instant line of credit for your every purchasing, large bill and any type of emergencies.


Download  link  WALNUT -Money Management App 

Highlighted features:

  • It can help you control Money and Save by managing your spends
  • It will keep a regular check on your credit card due to avoid any further surprises regarding payment dues
  • It provides you to experience the slickest bill experience by splitting expenses with friends
  • Transfer money to your relatives and friends for free in their bank accounts directly
  • Can help you in finding ATMs with cash near you in real-time
  • Pay your credit card bills
  • Easy checking facility of your bank balance
  • It can support 40+ bank cards (Only in India)

2. SPLITWISE – Bill Split App

It is the best free tool for those who are not able to track their bills and other shared expenses. With the help of this app, they can easily split their household bills with roommates and can figure overall expense on a group vacation. It is compatible with Android and iPhone or can also be accessed via web ( as per the convenience. In addition to this, one can check their balance, spendings, set up email reminders for bills and many more. By the end of every month, you will be able to tally who has paid what and directly send reminders to settle debts by avoiding any type of confusion between you and your friends.

Download  link  Splitwise App

Best Features:

  • All expenses can be shared easily
  • Can create multiple groups to track expenses
  • Debit simplification
  • You will be able to pay people manually via your account, PayPal, or handing over the cash and can keep checking your own accounts

3. MONEYCONTROL – Stock Markets Investment Tracker

Moneycontrol is one of the most acknowledged Business & Finance news apps that can easily track recent updates, happenings in India and Global financial market just at the tap of your finger. It can cover various assets that comprise BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX exchange with which you can track Indices (Sensex/Nifty), futures, options, mutual funds, commodities, stocks, and currencies in an easy way.

There is a separate option keeping a watch on your investments by making personal portfolio and watchlist. This will allow you to get a wide range of news updates related to finance. Apart from this, you can directly get advice from some of the well-known financial experts.

Download  link  Money Control App

Highlighted features:

  • Financial data, portfolio, watchlist and massaged board can be easily navigated.
  • Single search bar with voice search
  • Complete coverage of news related to financial markets
  • Get regular updates of the market and corporate action
  • You can follow up with the topic of your choice and get a recommendation
  • Provides you timely updates on your portfolio performance and other related news
  • You can engage and participate in conversations relating to your portfolio or interest

4. CAMighty – Verified CA/CS/CMA Community Platform

CAMighty, the name of the app itself, is enough to understand how an effective and smart it will be. It is a platform for CA/CS/CMA that will help you in solving real-life cases and problem by discussion and can get opinions from some of the verified best industry experts and practicing CA/CS/CMA. The app will provide you with a platform where you can share every detail of your real life financial issues with experts. You will have an option to participate in the discussion directly and enhance your knowledge about the financial problems and easy ways to deal with it effectively. It comes with easy to use interface that can be accessed anytime and get instant solutions for the same. There is a facility to Upvote your favorite post and can query for the same then and there itself.

Download  link  CA Mighty  App

Key Features

Expert members of the community available where you can discuss and share real-life case studies and get solutions

  • Direct participation in conversation and give your inputs
  • Keep you updated with latest financial problems and solutions
  • Find jobs and filters them as per the option provided
  • Upvote your favorite post
  • Largest verified financial community

5. INCOMETAX  Calculator – Tax Calculator

It is one of the most effective calculators for calculating your payable tax as per your earned income. There is a different slab shown in the app for each individual who is of different age groups and gender. With the launch of this app, tax preparation has become easy and accurate, it offers you a complete guide for preparing your tax for free. One has to enter their income and other deductions details and the app will provide you with the exact payable amount. Furthermore, the use of Income Tax Calculator has made it very easy to fill online tax return. Also, it has a facility to keep records for future reference.

Download  link  Income Tax Calculator App

Outstanding Features:

  • Quick Calculation of Tax
  • It can select and compare Assessment of 2 different years as per your income.
  • IT Return: Plan your saving for below income source:

Income from monthly salary

Income from other sources

Income from self-property

Short and long term capital gain (LTCG and STCG)


Finance apps work efficiently if you provide your accurate inputs related to the issues you are facing. We can’t necessarily recommend which tool is the best for tracking your personal habits and goals, as all of them have their pros and cons. What we suggest is to go with the app that works best for you taking the recommendations as a starting point in your path to financial knowledge.

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