Word Lens App: Instant Translation Of Foreign Languages

Have you ever got problems reading Billboards, Road signs and Restaurant menus in a foreign country?

With Word Lens, it’s no more a problem now. A new addition in high tech advanced innovations, “Word Lens” has blown the world away with its actual and instant translations of the text seen in real world on buildings, signs, road maps, menus etc

Word Lens is an augmented reality application that recognizes printed words using “Optical Character Recognition Technology” and translate words. It uses

the built in camera of your phone for identifying the text, after that it matches the text with its automated dictionary and then translates it efficiently.

Currently Word Lens is available for the translation of only three languages i.e. Spanish, french, Italian to English and vice versa. It’s very predictable that next turn would be of the European languages like German and many more etc.

Word Lens on Android:

With the immense popularity of word lens on iPhones, Quest Visual has announced the launch of Word Lens Android. You can download demo addition from Google play here Or you can buy it for more features here.

So Enjoy the new technologies(new apps). Cheers!! 🙂