Wordy in Android Market (Google Play)

UPDATE: You can also download Wordy and Wordy-Pro from Amazon App Store.


We are introducing a new app “Wordy”, for those who are willing to increase their Vocabulary, who are preparing for Exams like GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, SAT, IELTS etc. and also who are wanted to get proficient in English.

Wordy is the quickest and easiest way to get definitions, synonyms and more. We are launching two versions of Wordy. i.e Wordy-Free and Wordy-Pro

Wordy-Free Features are:

1) There are 74 lists containing 50 words each

2) Track the progress of each wordlist with how many words learnt, read etc.

3) You can bookmark words, rate words and mark words as learnt

4) Word searching is faster.

5) Keeps detail record of which wordlist you have accessed and for how much time.

6) Tracks number of times you read the words

Wordy-Pro Contains all features from Wordy-free app and some additionals are:

1) Personalised Word list i.e you can add new wordlist, new words, also modify the existing word details.

2) Instantly access to wordlist by creating shortcut. Also you can have Add word shortcut to the android desktop.

3) You can generate the QR Code of existing words and share it to your friends on FB, twitter etc.


1) Search Words

EX. a) Search all words starting with ‘A’, which

you have read within 1 week

within 1 week

Searched Words

EX. b) Search all words starting with ‘A’, which are marked as learnt

Searched words

2) Generate QR code and share it on FB, Twitter, gmail etc

Step-1 Go to Wordlist

Step-2 To generate QR code, long click on word, Select option “generate QR Code”.

Long Click on Word and Select Generate QR code

Step-3 QR image will be generated for selected word and then you can share this QR image to your friends on click of share button.

share with friends

3) Add words to your personalized wordlist from android desktop

Step-1 Go to settings. Enable add word shortcut checkbox. It will create shortcut to your android desktop. Now go to Desktop, click on icon add word, select your list,then add the word.

Select List

Then select any of the method from which you want add word. i.e

Here we will select method “By scanning Qr code” and scan the QR image, the scanning process shown below.
(We also have set up a Web-based Wordy QR code generator: http://mobisys.in/qrcode.php. With this, you can create the word, generate the QR code and share it on FB with your friends. Or you can add the word by scanning QR code)

Click “OK” after scanning done. It will add word to your mentioned wordlist.

4) Instantly access your favourite wordlist from android desktop

Step-1 long click on your favourite wordlist and click on “create shortcut”, it will add shortcut to desktop.

Download Links using QR Code

Google Play store:

Wordy Free
Wordy Pro

Amazon app Store
Wordy Free
Wordy Pro

Enjoy both versions of Wordy and feel free to ask queries if any. 🙂