As in the previous blog we have seen some tips and tricks of android studio. In this blog, we will learn new tips and tricks of the android studio which will help us in development.

Quick documentation

Many times we need to check the documentation of different method which most of the programmers do by clicking on those methods. But the simplest way to do so is to just hover on the method and it will give the documentation details. We need to enable it by File -> Settings->Editor->General->Show quick documentation on mouse move. We need to enable and it will show all methods documentation on mouse hover.

Quick documentation

Delete all breakpoints in one shot

In debug mode programmer’s do use breakpoints check the value or flow of the code. But we do forget to remove breakpoint and if they are many it will be a time-consuming task. So to simple is to select all the breakpoints and delete all or delete selected breakpoints. The below trick helps you to get all the breakpoints and also delete it.

Step 1: Ctrl + Shift + F8 (open breakpoints dialog)
Step 2: Ctrl + A (select all break point)
Step 3: Alt + Delete (remove selected breakpoints)
Step 4: Enter (confirm)

debug mode

Format code in an easy way

Often programmers get to worry about indentation of the code. We can format the whole class code in an easy way simply need to select all(CTRL+A) and the press (CTRL+SHIFT+F) It will simply format the code. This makes the effortless indentation of code.

Format code

Easy access to commands on android studio terminal

Get easy access to some popular commands like git commands, checking the JDK version, executing ipconfig, etc on Android Studio terminal.  We can perform all git commands and also the other commands like copy, create, etc which we do with cmd(windows) and terminal(linux/Mac).  As we can see you can open all commands directly from Android Studio terminal instead of opening a new terminal.

android studio terminal

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