We used our focused set of
capabilities to build great experiences

We take full responsibility of comprehensive product development. We manage the entire process ranging from prototyping and designing, to planning and development. We provide you with the best possible team of developers tailored to your requirements. While you manage the development process, our developers get to work to bring your vision to life.

Android Development

We use Java and Kotlin for Android app development. We use the latest native tools and recommended design patterns to ensure that app is scalable and maintainable.

IOS Development

We develop iOS apps using Swift and Objective-C. We make use of proven MVVM architecture which allows us to easily maintain and scale the product.

Web Development

We develop the application backend using Ruby based frameworks like Rails and Padrino, while for the frontend development we use React JS.

Android / Web App

CAMighty is a social network for Chartered Accountants in India

CAMighty helps Tax & Finance people to get opinions on case
laws from experts. It also helps them to stay updated with latest

Our Technology Stack



Android | iOS | Kotlin | Swift | Java | Objective-C



Python | Ruby | Ruby on Rails



AWS | Digital Ocean | Heroku | Gitlab | Github | Nginx | Docker



Postgresql | Redis | MySQL



Javascript| HTML5 | CSS3 | React

Engagement Models


Extended Team

We provide you developer or team of developers as per your requirement of expertise. We fully take the responsibility of developer or team of developers performance while you manage the development process.


Managed Product

We take the full responsibility of product development. We manage full process ranging from prototyping & designing to planning and development to testing & support. Here we are technology partner of your product.