Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

We are a leading web and mobile app development company based out in Pune, India. We have extensive experience in working with clients based in the US.

We have exposure to working with clients globally for 7 years now and have worked extensively with companies based in the US.

We have hands-on experience using the latest technologies as mentioned in our matrix:

Android iOS Web Backend
Language Java/Kotlin Swift/Objective C HTML, CSS, Javascript Ruby, Python
Frameworks RxJava, RxAndroid RxSwift ReactJS Ruby On Rails, Padrino, Flask, Django
Design Patterns Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) Clean Architecture - -
Databases SQLite using GreenDAO, Realm Realm - PostGreSQL, Redis
Networking Retrofit - - -

There is an array of technologies we have excelled at when it comes to developing scalable & maintainable web & mobile applications. What we bring to the table:

  • Extensive experience of working with US based teams and varied portfolios
  • Led by technical partners
  • A team of end to end solution providers
  • Attention to details

We are a team with 16 passionate, skilled and proactive experts who craft out of the box solutions and deliver high performance solutions.

It depends on your requirements, however, our hourly rates are 18-25 USD/hr depending on the volume of work. Mostly for startups, we plan the features in such a way that development of the first phase is completed in 3 months (excluding ideation & design) and cost ranges from 20K USD to 50K USD depending on the platforms suggested.

We can have 11-8 or 12-9 office timing. We make sure at least your morning 3 hrs are overlapped with our working hours so we can have calls during that time. Moreover, we use slack for communication and very much responsive to your questions/status over slack.

Yes, we do sign the NDA. Please fill out the contact form so we can send you the same.

With exposure to diverse portfolios, we understand different businesses and do adapt to situations as demanded. We go through the following stages:

Ideation - We study & analyze your requirements which require the involvement of both the parties in order to have a detailed idea about your vision. In the end, we create relevant user stories and workflow.

Design - Now, we have envisioned your product idea to start wireframing the app. Once created we share each screen with you for your feedback and complete transparency. After your approval, we begin with the development of the platform.

Development - As the design and detailed plan for developing the app is in place we put it on Trello board or JIRA or any other project management tools of your choice. Tasks are assigned to developers for actual development to begin. You can monitor the daily status of the project on project management tools, we also provide weekly or bi-weekly status updates and provide you weekly builds for feedback. Our expert will stay in constant touch if there is any issue during the app development process.

Deployment - After your feedback and approval once the development of the app is completed we shape your vision into reality. We deploy web apps and backend on the production server while the android and ios apps are published at respective stores.

Please checkout our Development Process in this blog.

We love working with startups and understand the need to deliver with limited capital. So, we suggest you start small by beginning with what is most relevant and impactful. Share your vision for us to come up with the best application loaded with all relevant features and within the stipulated budget. We will provide end to end solution and look for you to come up with market feedback for us to iterate the product based on user feedback.

We have worked with clients across categories, to mention a few would be hospitality, POS, real-estate, entertainment, on-demand, cleaning, NGO.

For fixed cost projects, we provide 60 days free support and for T&M projects, most of the clients opt for monthly retainers with fixed hours per month.

We provide Fixed Cost and Time & Material engagement models. Please check the link to know more about engagement models.

Please check Engagement Model blog to know more.