In this blog, we are going to see some coolest tips which should be used by the programmers in Android Development. The following are some of the listed tips are provided in the android studio.

Typing the keywords and available actions and options will be available for your selection. The list also provides shortcut keys. this shortcut is very useful in case you don’t know other shortcuts or shortcuts keys provide by the Android Studio.

For example, we try typing “local history” -> ”Show History”. It will display all the changes you did for the previous instance of time.


To search everywhere in the Android Studio, you can probably search in the entire project structure.

Double-press Shift

Smart join for two lines. more efficient while working with string concatenation.


The editor give a quick review of the method along with its definition.


This one is pretty coolest!! All you have is Multicursor, select a particular text, it will select the next occurrence of the text in your code.


This is some of the cool tips which we use while developing android apps on Android Studio. If you are looking for the best android developers or have some android development requirements, you can reach us.

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