According to PMI ( Project Management Institute) the most common reason for project failure is Inaccurate Requirement, which means the requirement document which is actually the face of the company and its objective written in vacuum, leaving the app development company unaligned. 

Expectation vs Reality

In 2008, Qantas—Australia’s national airline—canceled its $40 million Jetsmart project. The project was to build a parts management system for the company’s airplane mechanics. Unfortunately, the solution was so poorly-designed and complicated that the airplane mechanics refused to use it.

Officials from Qantas later stated that instead of asking the mechanics what they needed, they just built what they thought was appropriate. By failing to involve the right subject-matter experts—the end-users—Qantas had to abandon a costly IT project, and the company ended up spending three more years building a replacement solution. So the message is clear that the company and the developer were not well-aligned with respect to the requirement. 

So, how do we do this in the very early stages? For starting communication with a software development company in a written format to request the best proposal for your project, here is a comprehensive guide to writing a structured request for proposal (RFP) or request for software development proposal that will provide the mobile app development company with all the essential information required for submitting the best bid or consultation.

Here we share with you A to Z of how to write a request for proposal:

  1. Importance of RFP, request for proposal letter.
  2. Requirements of RFP template.
  3. How to draft RFP?
  4. Who should write a proposal request letter?

Why Should You Write A Request For Proposal?

  1. App development companies will be in a better position to submit their quote as they understand the client's constraints and expectations (budget, timing), and the problem to be solved, ensuring the software development company provides the best technology stack.
  2. Complete information on hand via business proposal letter for partnership helps clients get bids faster, simplify negotiations, and consult with the service provider.
  3. The RFP template for software projects focuses heavily on the minimum viable product (MVP), ensuring the project plan is on track since the very beginning.
  4. The streamlined process of addressing bids through the RFP, letter of partnership proposal process to prospective web and mobile app development companies.
  5. Distribution of one RFP to all interested vendors.
  6. Reduced wait period to receive and respond to clarifications submitted by vendors. All clarifications are answered in a single document for all vendors making it easier to evaluate.
  7. Formal execution of service agreements, non-disclosures, statements of work, and more.
  8. Kickoff planning sessions for the startup software project.

Key Requirements Of RFP Template, Software Development Proposal For App Development: 

1. Summary of the project and company overview

2. Scope of services and deliverables

3. Timeline

4.Suggested structure for vendor bids

5. Selection criteria.

How To Write A Request For Proposal Example Information Technology- Set Of Questions

CASE STUDY - let’s say you are a tax firm looking for Task management software to simplify and streamline processes, improve visibility, reduce manual work, and increase productivity. Here’s the set of questions and RFP format:

1. Define Yourself, Your Market & Project Goal

Describing your business, objective, and scope of work clearly as it will help your potential mobile app development companies UK define your business problem more precisely. Begin with specific information on your business. 

2. What Is The Problem That Requires A Solution?

As one of the most critical parts of an effective proposal format for software company, you need to state the operational issues you would like to resolve.

3. What Is The Solution You're Looking For?

Please share your idea about the answer to the problem as you will have the best clarity over it.

4. What Features Will Work Best For You?

You know best what features are a must, and sharing them in the partnership proposal letter will help the ios app development company to brainstorm toward the possible solutions more effectively. 

5. Share Every Constraint You Have.

Never hesitate to provide each constraint. This is essential for developing a healthy partnership with your software provider. 

6. Provide Existing Solution

Mention the existing solution that closely matches your requirement in the software development project proposal. It is always easier to understand the vision.

7. Target Deliverable Schedule

8. Defining Metrics To Measure, and Indicators Of Successful Cooperation 

Define every metric in the letter of partnership proposal you'll measure pre and post completion of the project, such as:

1. Better planning & increase productivity

2. Evaluation metrics.

3. Evaluates bidders and proposals based on the following criteria:

9. Questions Bidders Must Answer To Be Considered

10. The end goal of the collaboration

 What will your request for proposal software look like?

Business partnership proposal email sample:

You are a tax company based in the USA with employees strength of 150 and clients 200.

You are facing the problem of a streamlined system in place to manage SOP and make sure everyone in the team is following SOP. Moreover, it can help to track the progress, filter the checklist, manage the client’s document, and have a clear picture of the status of the work.

The solution that will help you best will be a workflow and client management single work platform that increases transparency and helps to better organize the work. Using a single work platform helps make better planning, optimize the resources, and increases productivity.

Key features you are looking for a cloud solution, task management, customer management, email scheduler, custom filters, easy dashboard

The constraint is that the budget is limited and the team will need a lot of training and post-launch support.

Timeline before the next financial year

Who should write an RFP, software development proposal?

RFPs, partnership proposal letter list all the requirements for a project - but who exactly writes the request for proposal? A lot of companies appoint Proposal writers, the actual professional who writes the RFP. They define the complete requirement into defined or customized formats and templates basically ensuring persuasive proposals in a short amount of time. However they need to do a lot of brainstorming with all the internal departments to gather maximum information.


After clearly stating your business objective and requirements in software development proposal, once you send a request for proposal, a custom mobile and web app development company like CodeToArt follow the process:

  1. Allocate a specialized person on the job to understand the scope of work
  2. Do market research for the requirements
  3. Understand the right engagement model, tech stacks for your requirement. 
  4. Will get into multiple calls with you to align the goal no matter you have defined it all in the RFP.  
  5. Once you decide to work with us we will get into an agreement with you and a project manager will be assigned to assist you in the entire development cycle to ensure complete transparency. 
  6. Share your queries with us and we will help you with the right software development, and app development framework.

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