SLACK, the most loved and convenient communication tool, was designed by MetaLab. So why Stewart and his team let Metalab design the app from the ground up and make it stand out in the crowd. Why Slack decided for outsourcing app development to Metalab, what was the brownie point Metlab had, what was the evaluation process of the outsourcing company.

Here, we help answer your curiosity and understand the following - 

Probable problems while working with Technology Partner and the solution


Ensuring your success should be the primary agenda of technology partners.

Outsourcing Options and Structure

1. Freelance developers -  Understanding that cost plays a critical role for any startups, hiring a freelance developer costs less than an app development company. But in this case, a lot of your time gets consumed in managing and coordinating with different teams, that leaves very little time to focus on other business needs.

2. App development company - When outsourcing app development you get full-stack development services for your project. To define this future, they care for complete project planning, cost estimation, UI/UX design, wireframing, software development, testing, and the most optimal plan.

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When to consider outsourcing app development?

What should you prepare internally when planning for outsourcing app development for product development?

How to find a reliable Outsourcing Partner?

Looking for a resourceful, experienced custom app development company that can shape your idea into reality is quite challenging. I would say to consider the following before parking in your idea and money with an app development company.

1. Portfolio -

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2. Industry experience and expertise

3. Cost-saving - When outsourcing, it is crucial to consider if your operational cost is getting reduced or not, so you don’t end up spending more rather than saving. This is critical for outsourcing app development costs.

4. Resources and technologies - Whether you are an expert in the subject or not, ensure you ask about the tools and technologies the company uses, and how it benefits your outsourcing needs. Check the resources and infrastructure that can handle the challenges of the project. Find out if they are using the latest technologies, tools & frameworks, or outdated ones?

5. Ability to meet deadlines - Prepare your Q&A in advance and adhere to that while deciding over the deadline. Let's say the outsourcing company does not have the right quality check measures; it may lead to delayed timelines.

6. Transparency - As the resources involved in the outsourced project are remote with no access at the client’s facility, transparency is crucial that reflects openness, trust, and cooperation from the agency side. 

7. Service Legal agreement - To avoid any kind of confusion or ambiguity, ensure every single detail gets mentioned in the SLA (Service Legal Agreement). Try hiring a lawyer to take care of all the legal requirements.

8. Confidentiality Clause - Pay attention to the outsourcing development company NDA and confidentiality policies for clarity that the project idea is in safe hands since a lot of sensitive data gets shared.

9. Cost structure 

Benefits of Hiring Technology Partner compared to in-house web and mobile app development?

1. Cost factor

In-House - To do a project in-house attracts much financial investment in finding the right people and keeping them on payroll, the right infrastructure for full stack development services, technology-led investments, training the team for mobile app development, which is not a wise decision.

Technology Partner - When you plan to hire an app development company, you can refer to a Managed service provider (MSP), which provides you a specialized team of app developers. With hiring technology partners, the cost gets reduced as the web and mobile app development company already has an experienced team and the right infrastructure. You get direct access to a  larger pool of talented people who provides specialized services. For successful product development and launch, an entire team of developers, business analysts, UI/UX designers, QA engineers, and experts for product documentation, are assigned on the job.

2. Focus on essential business functions

In-house - When you do a project in-house, you are allocating all our time and energy on multiple things, leaving no space for things that need immediate attention.

Technology Partner - When working with Technology Partner, there is a team of experts working on the project, which requires minimal participation from your part, leaving much time for you to plan and execute other vital things.

3. Transparent workflow

In-house - Working in-house, you may not be able to pay full attention to one task, which may be a hurdle in the flow of communication about the project progress or challenges.

Technology Partner - The job of a web and mobile app development company is to inform you about the work progress and maintain transparency. As for them, it's not about one project but a customer relationship and building word of mouth for the app development company.

4. Better security

In-House - Due to the highly competitive market, skilled developers getting a premium may switch jobs leaving your project jeopardized.

Technology Partner - Agreements and penalties bound an app development company, ensuring delivery of the project on time. It provides you the peace of mind and security of money parked at the right place.

After understanding the benefits of hiring a technology partner, let's understand what options are available for outsourcing and which structure is suitable when planning app development for startup.


Outsourcing app development to a reliable web and mobile app development company allows startups to get hold of the market share, compete with other players, maximize ROI, and leave footprints. It is vital to look for an app development company that balances cost and quality, maintains complete security, confidentiality, and provides you with end to end solutions.

It is always challenging to find the right technology partner and if you are looking for a technology partner, CodeToArt can provide you the dedicated team of native mobile app developers and web app developers with excellent skills. We already have good experience working with US-based businesses and startups.

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