The days’ are gone when the desktop was most in-demand, today the same desktop devices have become a second option to keep in touch. We use to perform most of our searches on mobiles, and interact with each other by using different brands of mobile. Being at home, offices, or traveling, we are always active on our smartphones and it has become an integral part of our life. If this is the situation, it will be an intelligent idea for different companies that are aspiring to make it big in their respective domain. They should start exercising the practice of mobile websites and applications, which will help them in establishing their strong presence in the market.

We can easily see that there are flooded amounts of mobile application available in the market, related to different industries, which include education, hotel, restaurant, healthcare, travel, and retail. In accordance with the random survey, there are hundreds of mobile apps that are being submitted to the app store every day. This proves that coming up with an unmatched mobile app has become a tough nut to crack and can be achieved only if the mobile app developers are ready to think out of the box for their every & every undertaken project. Being the most trusted mobile app developing company, we are aware of the fact that an app should be attractive in design and appearance, which can leave a quick and long-lasting impact on customers’ minds right on time when they are downloading a particular app from the app store. UI & UX design plays an important role in the success of any kind of mobile application.

The basic difference between UI and UX

Let’s understand first that what UI and UX stand for. It can be easily understood that Creative Design is the result of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) for a mobile application. At times both of these terms are used interchangeably, but from a design point of view, it is a mistake to consider both UI and UX in the same manner. UI defines the actual look of the application and interacts with the user requirements at their satisfaction level. UX of a mobile app is a systemized process of enhancing customer satisfaction by improvising its usability. In other words, UX describes how an app looks from a user’s point of view. Therefore, both UI and UX are equally important for a mobile application to work effectively and fulfill the desired objectives.

Importance of User Interface (UI)

User Experience is universally known as UX and is defined as the feeling of an app from the user point of view. To start with designing a mobile app or define the navigational flow, UX is considered prior than UI.

UX comprises each & every detail of user interaction with the app. The basic key of a proficient UX is to attain the trust and confidence of the audience by designing a simple yet advance app to use that can satisfy users completely. A diligent UX designer is the one who has precise knowledge, ready to do extensive research, understand the target audience, understands industry domain & requirements and can be able to focus more on the usability/interaction of the products.

Splashing more in details of the design and development of UI and UX module, we can now understand how the success of a mobile application strictly depends on both. If either of them will be missed out the success of a mobile app can go for a toss. It is a well-known fact that a flawless usage of an application will leave users with an outstanding experience and an accurate user interface digs in much more than the alluring pixels. The perfectly executed UX exposes and helps in diagnosing the design challenges much earlier than it becomes a problem later.

A smooth usage of the app is one of the most common parameters that can define the accomplishment of a mobile application. Offering an unparalleled user experience can be well understood in terms of look & feel and navigation.

Highlights for Designing a Successful Mobile Application

Having in-depth years of experience, Code ToArt can provide you with some of the striking cords to be taken care of while designing a mobile app, which can match up with the rhythm of users.

1. Make Use of Unconventional Elements

Standardize the different elements like buttons, icons, colors, contrast, and symbols. This will help users to get easily familiar with the elements and they won’t require any specific instruction to proceed further with the app. It will improve users’ confidence and give them a sense of comfort while using your mobile application and can share with others too.


Try to keep the layout of your app the same all across the windows. The expert developers working with us recommend this because the uniform pattern makes it easy for the audience to perform their actions

3. Keep it Interactive

Apart from the appearance of an app, you need to focus on the navigation from one window to another.

4.Provide an Unappalled Speed

When working on the UI of your app, make it your target that your app should not demand long loading time. It can lead to losing the interest of users in your application at the start itself. It is better to optimize your mobile application in such a way that allows it to load in a fraction of seconds so that users cannot think of shifting to an alternative of your app. By any chance, if your application takes time to get loaded on time because of any reason, better to notify users about it. This will keep your users alert about the reason and they will hang-up there for the application until it gets loaded.

5.Develop a User-friendly Design

In the era of touch screen mobile, it is your duty to make sure that all the icons & buttons are of optimal in size. As per the Apple, approximately 44 pixels are accurate in size for touch.

6. Keep it Effortlessly Simple

Our mobile app developer always suggests that a user falls for any mobile app only when it will provide the top-notch services at minimum efforts. Therefore, it becomes our prime focus to keep this thing in mind while designing a mobile app and it can be done keeping minimizing steps to be followed while downloading.


UI and UX of a mobile application are different, but they are interlinked within a unique way to establish an unmatched value for designing a mobile application. Through the perspective of any type of business, it becomes important for us to synchronize the UI & UX of a mobile application for complete peer satisfaction. These can be a successful option in generating the revenue and building up the reputation of the brand.

For any other related issues and query about UI & UX domain, get advance app development services from us or contact our experienced app developers straight away.

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