5 Best Weather Apps in iPhone and Android

These days the change in weather has become sudden and is behaving as an obstacle in scheduling our work. If you are thinking to step out of your house or office, it is better to check weather updates at first. Anyone planning for long traveling, the need for an advanced system to predict weather conditions becomes important, so any kind of major damage can be avoided well in advance. These are the conditions that make it essential to have an app for weather that can tell you the weather report whenever required. The weather app can be the best handler and one should install it in their mobile device to get the latest updates on weather conditions. There are many free apps available in the app store that are safe to use and can provide much more interesting information along with daily weather reports.

Before you head towards the App Store and start your downloading, we want to tell you that there are many other apps which you’ ll find for the weather forecast, but according to the detailed research done by us, there are few authentic and reliable app which will do it in a way that we found useful.


This app is acknowledged by users as it provides all the necessary information that one could ask for in a weather app. It is equipped with tabbed interface allows users to swipe right to left to view all the information related to forecasting, current conditions, precipitation tables, temperature graphs, sunset/ sunrise timings, phases of the moon and interactive weather map.

The most highlighted feature of this app is the map of weather that is designed at such precision to provide 18 different overlays. It will altogether give you amazing visualization of weather like never before and also you can opt for radar, clouds, wind speed, wildfires and hurricanes as per your requirements.

Weather Forecast

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2.Dark Sky

The dark sky is one of the most demanded and recognized weather apps as it provides accurate information about weather conditions and is very simple to use. Ability to predict bad weather scenario to last minute, Dark Sky is the best source of hyperlocal weather information and can be accessed from anywhere. In addition to this, it allows you to access spontaneous information in the large-spectrum with the help of an interactive weather map and weekly/hourly weather conditions.

Dark Sky can give you the option of enlisting your phone with systematic periodic pressure data which can be sent directly to the central database of the app.   This will deliver another forecast in a detailed version.

The regular revamp in interface introduces more weather data right under your fingertips. Known for its accurate hyperlocal forecast that comes with a precipitation map. It will provide you forecast for the very next hour with a precipitation graph. Furthermore, you can easily customize the notification alerts and lock screen weather digest. The main timeline of the app includes UV information and more detailed information. Recently, it has got a bright refresh interface look, which doesn’t skimp on bringing all the metrological information that is important for you at that point in time.Dark Sky Forecast

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3.Rain Aware

This weather app is highly recommended for people who love to travel and spend their maximum time outside to enjoy. Using this app they will get an accurate idea about the weather condition and can become well aware of the rainstorm well in advance.

Owing to the specialty of accurate prediction of rainstorms, RainAware App is well known in the market for its simple interface that can provide easy accessibility of different windows including weather forecasts and satellite imagery by just clicking at the tab option available in the bottom.

It is very handy in usage and effective in performance when the user is outside and is in need to check for any changes going to happen in the weather.

RainAware Weather Timer

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4.Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather is considered one of the most attractive weather apps, as it’s every single feature, is designed in such a way that makes it eye-catchy. As it is well known by everyone that Yahoo is the owner of the photography site Flickr and is able to provide various beautiful images of cities with its present weather conditions.

Apart from its looks, the App is precisely designed to provide the entire weather data in the form of Yahoo Weather Packs. It is equipped with a unique type of weather map, which flashes out a static overlay of the current condition of radar, clouds, and temperatures.
YAhoo Weather

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YoWindow interface is mostly similar to other apps but you will find its interface more interactive in comparison to others as it provides an hourly view of the weather conditions.

It is easy to use and can simply do by swiping right or left across the screen and the forecast will be displayed in an animated version. It will literally show you a sunset, sunrise, falling raindrops, and chirping sound of birds in an animated view. The outstanding quality of this app is that one can easily select the live wallpapers as per their choice and likings and can change whenever required.

YoWindow Weather

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We will suggest these 5 best weather apps that should be seriously opted by the smartphone users as it provides incredibly accurate, instant and easy to understand feeds about the weather conditions. We assure you that with the use of the above-mentioned app you will never leave behind and will always be updated with weather conditions and can avoid any type of catastrophic scenario.You can any time get in touch with us @CodeToArt if we have missed out any of efficient Weather Apps of your choice that is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

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