We are a generation with almost zero patience; we don't like waiting, especially when it comes to food. App development company has understood this well and the idea to let users beat the queues and the immense revenue opportunity available in the category of the app for restaurant ordering that they have developed some useful and innovative in restaurant ordering apps, which are bliss for both the restaurant owners and the restaurant-goers. 

Following are the type of app for restaurant ordering:

We'll be discussing an "On Table Restaurant Ordering App" in this article and help you discover every detail related to it:

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Why is developing an On-Table Ordering App the best idea?

It's not always that a food app gives you so much reach, unlike a restaurant order at table app or a tableside ordering app does. You gain from both the ends, i.e., restaurant owners and the customers.

For Restaurant Owners

  1. Cost Reduction - The most crucial factor of any restaurant business is low capital investment. Your customers love ordering food by restaurant online ordering app because they don't have to wait for someone to attend them to take the order, so the restaurant owner invests less in the workforce.
  2. Customer Database - You have customers who are ordering food and making payment via the restaurant order at the table app itself. All details get received by the owner, creating a database of their new and repetitive customers. It also helps in sending customized discounts, festive offers, and fresh food menus to the customers. Everyone loves personalized services. Even customized alerts and reminders can be enabled. Restaurant owners can strategize new marketing techniques utilizing details from the app such as, what customers love to order when they order, payment options, and much more.
  3. Reports - Reports can be created utilizing data in mobile apps for restaurant ordering projecting customers engaged, sales did per day, menu items most sold, offers loved and availed, and the average amount spent per consumer. Real-time analysis on the growth of sales, per food item gets enabled.
  4. More revenue streams -  Increase revenue by increased repeat visits as well as word-of-mouth recommendations, enabling the restaurant to serve more guests. Also, additional revenue streams get generated via in-app advertising in the restaurant order app.
  5. Enhanced customer experience - The On Table Restaurant Ordering App improves the accuracy of orders, and provides speed and efficiency of service, contributing to better customer experience.
  6. The app is important - App for restaurant order is vital to maintaining an edge on the competition.

For Restaurant-Goers

  1. Accuracy in placing the order, leaving no room for misjudgment.
  2. Easy to make any modifications or specifications in order, like ingredients to be used.
  3.  Reward points by in-app payment gateways, special discounts.
  4.  Increase hygiene, no-touch payments as users make payments without touching a card reader, and the comfort of the customer's mobile device. 
  5.  Full control to manage your menu, offers, and orders.

How does an On Table Restaurant Ordering App work?

So, how to create an online food ordering system? On Table Restaurant Ordering Apps allow users to order the food and drinks using their mobile instead of waiting for staff to take orders. Moreover, users can make payments directly from their phone, thus giving them a premium experience. Following is the way it works:

  1. Users scan the QR code placed on the table.
  2. Users browse through menu items.
  3. Users place the order through the mobile.
  4. The user can make a payment from the mobile and add tips while leaving.

The following are the modules that we will be working on while developing on table restaurant apps.


While developing any restaurant apps, what is common is the Restaurant Menu. We need to show the Restaurant Menu within the restaurant ordering app for iphone and make sure the restaurant menu's architecture should be flexible enough to allow us to add any restaurant menu along with modifiers. E.g., Pizza in three sizes, 12in, 14in, and 16in. The app should show three options, and it should be mandatory to add at least one modifier while sending the order.

Following are the terminologies app will need to have while building menu:

  1. Allow only one modifier to be selected, but that cannot be mandatory - Here use case can be Sandvich, where the user can choose sides like French Fries, Sweet Potatoes, or Side Salad. But if he doesn't want to, he can skip it. It should not be mandatory to select Side.
  2. Have to choose only one modifier - Here the use case is Pizza, which comes in 12in, 14in and 16in. Users have to select at least one modifier to send the order. Or even if we think from a Merchandise point of view, the modifiers can be S, M, L, XL, XXL. Users have to select at least one size to send the order.
  3. Allow choosing multiple modifiers, but none are mandatory - Use case is Chicken Tacos where users can add French Fries and Salads but not mandatory to add. Users can send orders only for Chicken Tacos as well without any modifiers.
  4. Allow choosing multiple modifiers, but selecting at least one modifier is mandatory for submitting an order.


Pizza having 12in, 14in and 16in sizes

It will have three modifiers with the names 12in, 14in and 16in. We can group them in the "Size" modifier group. Users can select only one modifier from the above modifier group. So, it will have the following values of the fields:

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Ordering - restaurant mobile ordering app

On Table Restaurant app first creates the check where it adds the initial order sent by the user. Later all the orders created by the user are added to the check until the user closes the check by making payment.


Following are the terminologies while submitting the order:

Promo Codes can be of two types:

Discounts can be of two types:

Invite Friends to Check

Users can add friends to the check so they, too, can send orders. First, check creators have to invite friends so they can view the check and send the orders. Moreover, at the time of payment, we can have a feature to split the payment among friends.

Payment History

The app should be able to show the payment history to the users. Users can view the order details, what they have ordered, and when.

Through payment history, users can have the ability to submit a refund request for the whole order or some specific items in the order.

Admin Panel

Admin panel can perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operations for

It should also have the ability to create and edit orders on behalf of customers. And the admin can refund the orders.

Moreover, a beautiful admin panel will show the analytics as in which menu items are being ordered in which amount. This analytics data will help you to improve your menu and thus increase your revenue.

At later stages, it is a good idea to have various access levels for the admin panel, like a manager, server, staff, and others.

Integration with POS

Table Restaurant Ordering App can be integrated with POS if it has developer APIs. Integration with POS will help you to sync orders received from the app with the POS.

Omnivore - It provides universal POS integration API.


Now that you know every minute details related to the development of a successful app for restaurant ordering, On Table Restaurant Ordering App, all necessary integrities like menu type, modifiers, ordering flowchart, admin panel, and much more, we can't wait to hear your idea of developing one. Our full-stack web and mobile app development company looks forward to exploring the framework and development process of a customized On Table Restaurant Ordering App, in the restaurant ordering app. Share your curiosity with us.

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