With both parents working and the increase in the number of nuclear families, taking care of the newborn is exciting but bewildered. There are endless thoughts in the mind of parents, is the baby safe with a caretaker, is the baby sleeping or eating properly? Sleep-deprived and stressed-out parents can trust their memory to remember everything. They strive hard for being connected and ensure the newborn gets the required care, and this is where app development companies coming up with baby tracker is a bliss. One inspiring data about how fast baby tracker apps developed by mobile and web app development companies are capturing the market- "Glow Baby App" has its community of parents, which has reached a sizable footprint. The company reports it has helped with 200,000 pregnancies and reached 3 million users – up nearly 200 percent from last year.

With the specific reasons mentioned above; it's evident that for developing baby tracker is a profitable proposition. Now in this article, you will discover:

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Essential features of baby growth app that parents to a newborn baby need.

Initial days of parenthood are a little fuzzy, leaving the parents wondering about every little thing like diaper changer, sleep, feeding, and much more. Following are some of the features which are the core of baby tracker. Let's understand in detail:

  1. Log Activities

Activity logging is the core feature of the best newborn tracking app and the app should track the following activities of the baby. Activity logging is the core feature of the best newborn tracking  app and the app should track the following activities of the baby.

     1.1 Feeding

Understanding the right feeding pattern can be tedious for new moms. This feature of the baby feeding app is blissful for them as it helps monitor when the child was fed last, browse analysis of daily feeding time and duration, set reminders to make sure the feeding pattern goes right. 

Baby Tracker can ask the user to enter the following fields while logging feeding activity:

Here key will be how easily users can log the feeding activity?

For eg: if we ask the user to type the food every time, the user will stop logging activity. So, it is a good idea to have users easily select food from options. Moreover, users should be able to select the quantity easily along with the type of unit which can be ml, oz, or gms. 

 Log feeding in Baby Tracker App

    1.2  Nursing & Pumping         

    1.3 Diaper Change

Just imagine how fun and relaxing it could be that a baby feeding and diaper app is reminding you about diaper change, which means you don't have to keep checking the diaper all the time. 

      1.4 Sleep pattern

There is no thumb rule for the babies' sleep pattern, and it keeps on changing a lot in the first year. It can be long day naps or quick naps. Some may wake up frequently through the night, while others may sleep through.

Sleep Chart in Baby Tracker App

1.5 Growth Records

  1.6 Vaccines

Baby tracker apps should help parents stay on top of the baby’s health and vaccines calendar by letting them easily log in to the baby’s medical history like medications, temperature checks, and vaccine shots. Even prescriptions get saved in the baby nursing app android for future reference. Baby tracker provides the ability for multiple users to log in the information. An app like Vaccines on the go: acts as a one-stop solution for patents to know vaccines and diseases to prevent the child. Parents can even develop a list of all the queries they would like to discuss with a doctor or send via email from the newborn tracking app immediately to the doctor. 

2. Night vision mode and offline mode

The timeline alerts in the baby tracker can disrupt the sleep of the baby. Therefore the app must be able to work in the low light. Best baby tracking app should also work in offline mode, so that baby well-being is not dependent upon network connectivity.

3. Charts

Integrated charts in the best baby milestone app help parents compare trends and patterns for records or to share with a doctor and caretaker. Like Glow baby app with Hello Glow fam! In this new feature, the baby growth chart app brings a comprehensive weekly summary of all the data being logged for the baby every week, which includes feeding, sleep, diaper, activities, and more.

Height chart against CDC in Baby Tracker app

4. Data Sync

Sync data among multiple devices for all caregivers or easy sharing of your baby's progress with others.

5. Timeline of how the day looked like

Timeline in Baby Tracker App

6. Ability to add caretaker

7. Informative Dashboard

Dashboard should have all vital information about the baby's activities. It is a good idea if it can display information like when the last activity was performed and average of the last 7 days.

Example Dashboard of Baby Tracker App

8. Ability to add multiple children

In the case of twins or if any daycare wanted to use the baby growth app to track activities of multiple children, then it should have the ability to create profiles of multiple children. Moreover, users should be able to easily switch between multiple children in the app to see what your baby will look like.

Key Considerations While Developing The Best Baby Tracking App.

1. Research - Design a solution that leverages those qualities that make the life of parents less stressful. Do the research and be updated about competitor apps to see what is currently available in the market for new moms. If required, take an interview and develop a persona for driving the best layout for your baby tracker.

2. Target Audience - Target audience can be of three types :

3. Simple UX - Focus on core activities of a newborn and add valuable Features in the baby milestone app: Feeding, sleeping, and changing diapers. Since users will be logging the baby's daily activities, UX should be straightforward to record the activities quickly. Else users will not use the app. The design of the iPhone app to track kids or child tracking app android should not be cluttered and hard to navigate.

4. Offline Capability - It's nice to have offline capabilities in the baby tracker newborn log so that users can log the baby activity even when an internet connection is not available. Else users might forget to record the activity or may not use the app altogether.

Sequence Diagram of Baby Tracker Apps

1. Parents 

Following are the steps parents can perform in order to use the Baby Tracker App:

  1.  The parent downloads the best baby tracking app and creates an account.
  2. The Parent then creates a child profile. Apps should have the ability to create multiple child profiles.
  3. View the dashboard and add various activities of the child
  4. All the logged activities are stored locally on mobile in SQLite DB.
  5. The Parent decides to add the caretaker.
  6. Purchase the subscription.
  7. Add the caretaker in the baby tracker.
  8. All the activities synced with the backend server.
  9. Now, going forward, all the logged activities will be visible to the caretaker.

2. Caretaker

Following are the steps parents can perform in order to use Baby Tracker app:

  1. The caretaker downloads the app and creates the caretaker account.
  2. Accepts the Parent's invitation.
  3. A caretaker can now view all the activities logged by Parent.
  4. Caretakers can also log activities if they have required permission.
  5. All the activities recorded by the caretaker will be visible to Parents.

Sequence diagram of Baby Tracker App

How can app development companies monetize the Baby Tracker App?

1. Freemium - Let's understand the model with an example, one of the Most successful baby growth app “Glow Baby” has premium subscriptions like Glow premium priced $15.99, Premium Baby Tracker $47.99, Glow Lifetime Premium $99.99. For the Freemium version, the app can be used without syncing on cloud.

2. Advertising - The maker of the Glow app says it will partner with publishers of highly curated content, to offer exclusive content to its premium Subscribers of the baby milestone app and offer private messaging and personalization features thereby developing ways to monetize. Companies like the First cry can use the platform to promote their products in the form of native articles, videos, or customized and personalized solutions. Glow has partnered with Baby 411 to provide information you'll need throughout the child's first year, which may be a strategic tie-up. 

3. Consultation - You can have so many expert consultants, pediatricians on the platform of baby tracker and connect them with users whenever they need expert advice. The premium can be charged from users, or the consultant can also pay for utilizing the platform and the immense database available.


Developing a baby tracker app is undoubtedly a profitable proposition. At the same time, it requires proper research and understanding of user requirements, what is the cutting-edge feature required in mobile app development you can provide against your competitors, and the associated cost. Experienced mobile and web app development companies can guide you about the best framework and strategy. We will be more than glad to learn about your idea and help develop it.

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