5 Features Your Disaster Management App Should Have To Be Successful

Nature can unleash its fury in any way and at any place in our world. Whether it is Tsunami, earthquake, or thunderstorm, natural calamities snatch away millions of lives every year. With the increasing issue of global warming in this world, we are facing a higher risk of natural calamities. While Nature becomes calm and tranquil, we start recovering the condition of the affected people. However, isn’t it better to take some steps to save our lives from Nature’s wrath? In some cases, like thunderstorms, the weather forecasting department of all countries gives prediction to everyone through the TV news channels. However, there are different other ways to stay safe from the effects of natural disasters.

You know that the present age is highly reliant on mobile technology. Then, why should we not use it for natural disaster management? You can claim that communication systems do not work during any natural calamity. But, after reestablishing the network, our mobiles could be the best tools for our rescue. The NGOs and government take a step to deal with the natural calamities. However, our Smartphones play essential roles in disaster management solutions. Warning, evacuation, monitoring, and rescue relief- everything becomes easier and faster with the use of Smartphones.

Nowadays, social networks and mobile-friendly apps are a very useful resource for us for sharing memorable moments and feelings. However, they are also valuable to manage post-disaster risks. Moreover, you can use the search engines to look for the Tsunami app. You will get different other feature-rich apps, providing you with the post-disaster news and latest information. We call them disaster management apps.

What is the purpose of creating disaster management apps?

Natural calamities can affect people of different regions at a time. Lots of humanitarian agencies have thought of getting advantage from the mobiles by introducing disaster management apps. These apps are friendly to most of the mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. The disaster management applications, released by the humanitarian agencies, will be helpful to the victims and volunteers. The volunteers will have real-time and updated news on the potential natural disaster in a region.

While natural disasters turn up, the victims cannot make out what they should do to deal with the emergencies. The panic can increase death rates and injury cases.

The disaster management apps have different functionalities to help you. Thus, we have found out the major features and technologies that must be present in these apps.

Alerts on natural hazards-

How can you know about potential disasters? No one has the intuition to create a natural alert on the approaching danger. That is why you can rely on mobile apps to get emergency alerts. These alerts can save lots of lives. They inform everyone that it is the right time to move to the safest zone. After getting the alerts, we start preparing ourselves for natural hazards.

natural hazards

It is terrifying to think of an alert that an unpredictable danger is going to affect us. However, you will later feel grateful to your app, sending the alert. You will get some more time to prepare yourself to face a natural disaster.

You can claim that we never have the capability of fighting against God’s will. However, due to the sudden occurrence of natural calamity, you will find the situation to be worse. That is why you can rely on the alert of disaster management apps. The technological development is helpful for predicting the hazard in advance. As one of the regular app users, you will easily get the alerts. You will also be able to spread this message to your dear ones.

Sending the safety message and notifications-

This is one of the most useful features of reliable disaster management apps. Some of our relatives and family members stay abroad or at any remote place. Fear strikes your heart while you have heard the news of earthquake chaos or other natural hazards in their country. You start worrying that your dear ones have a chance of getting injured. However, when they are using the disaster management app, they can easily ensure their safety. You can instantly relieve your tension.

At this point, we can talk about the Safety Check page on Facebook. It is one of the latest disaster management features at this social networking site. During the emergency, this Safety Check feature lets others information that you are safe from the natural disaster. The disaster may be typhoon, landslide, fire hazard, bridge collapse, terrorist attack or any other type of calamity. You can find this Safety Check feature, activated on your timeline. You have a click a button to mark yourself as safe. While you have clicked this button, all your Facebook friends will get notifications on your safety. Most of us are familiar with this feature of Facebook. You will also get this type of technology in disaster management apps.

Real-time tracking of hazards using the maps

Real-time tracking

You may have learned that a cyclonic storm will hit the land very soon.  However, after hearing this news, you will have different questions-

Will the cyclone affect the area tomorrow?

Is this storm going to cause hazards after a few hours?

You cannot get the answer to this question without the real-time tracking technology, integrated into the disaster management mobile apps. Natural disasters are always unpredictable. However, the capability of real-time tracking of the coming disaster will give you some relief.

By having the information from the mobile apps, you can make sure that you are safe. Your preparation will help you to save your life. From the disaster-impact assessment report, the government and other authorities will also be able to save the life of lots of citizens.

Most of these disaster management apps have interactive maps to help you with the online tracking solution. However, there is one thing, notable to you. These real-time tracking technologies are effective just for cyclonic storm and volcanic eruptions. Some natural threats, like earthquakes, are not predictable to us in any way. In spite of having this limitation of the tracking technology, you will have benefit from the natural calamity management mobile apps.

This tracking system is also helpful to know about your situation. Some apps have a safety-ensuring button. You have to click on this button to get assistance during the natural calamity. When you have pushed the button, the GPS technology tracks your location. Then, the app sends the message to your contact list through email or SMS. You may also be able to post the issue on social media.

Finding the path for evacuation

You may have already received the notification or prediction of the natural disaster. Now, you can raise a question – What should I do for escaping from the potentially risky zone? What is the best option for evacuation? The most distressing thing is to leave your home while the adverse natural phenomenon has already started. However, when your own home is already damaged, you have no other choice.

You can rely on the mobile-friendly disaster management app to find a safe shelter for evacuation. Most of the app interfaces have a map to help you in checking out your location. After detecting your present location, the app will present you with a list of nearest shelters. This is one of the effective ways for early evacuation. Use the app platform for shifting to the safest site in your city.

The best disaster management apps have localization functionality and give you live updates. Do not waste your time to take any step. After getting useful information from the app, you have to be responsible for your own safety.

Preparing you for the natural phenomena with the best tips-

Imagine the situation- You are hearing the siren of the hurricane. Isn’t it terrifying for you to learn about the imminent disaster? The most annoying thing is that you do not know the way of saving your life from this adversity.

That is why disaster management apps provide you with some instructions and tips to increase your knowledge. This knowledge would act as your lifesaver.

For instance, the app may present you with a systematic and detailed guide on how you have to save your family during any emergency. By using these apps, you can increase your emergency readiness.

Thus, choose the most reliable disaster management apps that have all the above features. Make sure that the app works with your mobile OS. You and your dear ones may live in a place, prone to the adverse weather conditions. In this case, the disaster management apps will be very helpful to you. These apps can save several lives in the world. Download them from the Play Store or App Store. The modern technological innovations are helpful to us in different ways. However, always check out the features while choosing one of the disaster management mobile apps.

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