Offline mobile app development is critical for users to sync their data properly, when offline. Here, we help you learn the process from implementation to data synchroniz

Omnivore POS integration - Ensuring Agility To Your Restaurant Businesses
Omnivore POS integration - Ensuring Agility To Your Restaurant Businesses

Omnivore software offers a point-of-sales integration API making the restaurant system agile, more customer engaging and adaptive to fast changing business environments.

Unit Testing using
Unit Testing using in Kotlin

Learn about unit testing using in Kotlin.

Apples In-App Purchase
Hands-On Implementation of Apple’s In-App Purchases On Ruby Based Server

Information about Languages & Tools, Server Configuration and Endpoint & API Setup and many more.

Multi User Chat
Features of Multi User Chat (Group Chat) in Android

Features allows users to visible multiple chatrooms on one or more screens.

android Logs
Simple way to write android Logs

Complete process of writing logs in a simplified way and how to effectively get rid of logs during app release.

Android App Architecture
Recommended Android App Architecture

Complete guide to app architecture that helps with full-cycle of app development using the latest native tools.

Android AutoValue
Android - The Comprehensive Guide to AutoValue

Complete information on Andorid Coding Skill, Value Type Objects in Java, Compile Time Annotation Processing in AutoValue, Scanning Classes, AutoValue Extensions.

Android App
Building Multiple Versions of an Android App (Product Flavors)

A detailed guide to Android product flavors for building multiple versions of an Android application.

ZXing in Android
QR code scanning using ZXing in Android

Learn to integrate ZXing lib into an Android app for QR code scanning.

React Component
Infinite Scrolling/More Loading without using library in React Component

In the world of fast-paced technological society, Who has the time to click number of pages and its contents? People always look for shortcuts, swipes and ..

Rookies Guide to Swift
A Rookie’s Guide to Swift

Nearly two years after the SDK was launched, Apple realized the limitations of Objective-C and started working on a new language for iOS and OS X developers around 2010,