Swift 3
Swift 3 - Tips and Tricks

While beginning with Swift 3, most of the syntax changes will be taken care by auto-complete, but there are few cases where even auto-complete won’t help.

Implementation of Model-View-Presenter (MVP) design pattern on Android

A step-by-step guide to Model-View-Presenter (MVP) and its implementation in Android.

ReactJs – 2 Ways to Create React Components

Understand the most important concept of ReactJs i.e Components. And types of component i.e Class Component and Function Component.

React Web App
How to load React Web App faster?

ReactJS app's bundle JS files are very big, so to make the web app load faster, we can enable Gzip on the web server (Apache, Nginx, etc.)

Android Jetpack Architecture Components
Getting started with Android Jetpack Architecture Components

Android Jetpack is a set of support libraries and architectural components to help make it easy development of your Android apps.

AngularJS vs ReactJS
Which is more powerful- AngularJS or ReactJS?

There are a bunch of frameworks that could help you build your website, but choosing the right fit for you is crucial. Each framework has its own stre

Android Activity Lifecycle
Android Activity Lifecycle - Tutorial

Guide to essential four states of an activity stack, key loops and methods required to monitor android activity lifecycle.

Xcode Tips
Xcode Tips – Edit All in Scope

Xcode offers an easy way to highlight and edit all references to a variable within the current scope.

Broadcast Messages
Android: Sending & Receiving Broadcast Messages

How to send and receive SMS messaging in your Android application with the free android emulator.

Android Drawable Resources
Android Drawable Resources - Tutorial

Learn about different types of android drawables and how to use resources effectively.

Google Maps Android API v2
Google Maps Android API v2 different operations

Learn about different operations on Google Maps API v2 and how to effectively use it during development of android apps.

Android Studio
Android Studio - Tips and Tricks for Android Developer

Android Studio Tips and Tricks to improve your overall development efficiency.