History has shown how crises have led to innovations and building up tremendous opportunities for new models of businesses, startups, app development companies that are game-changers, and a spotlight on the need for innovative products. The new normal will have the world changed forever. Startup that understand the version of 'new normal' will bring out the best and grab opportunities, technology startup ideas, new target audiences, new avenues for businesses to flourish, and enhanced customer experience.

In the U.S. Zipline, a medical drone delivery company, awaiting FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) approval to roll out deliveries without human contact, already grabbed an emerging software startup ideas. Keeping the morale high and paving the way to a newer world of possibilities, by this article we bring powerful startup  ideas, it startup ideas in the time of crisis.

 Idea 1 - Increase Employee Engagement virtually

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Ways to increase employee engagement virtually with innovative employee engagement ideas

Companies now depend on tools, mobile and web apps, mobile app development company in US for video conferencing, team management, and more permanent collaborations. Working from the home's confines during lockdown takes a toll on the employees' overall wellbeing, making employee engagement ideas for the office inevitable. Companies are figuring out how to collaborate at a distance, and are willing to expand the culture of remote work, providing more flexibility to employees to work wherever they can deliver the best results. 

1. Hackathons - Industry or community hackathons are loved in the tech industry, where you choose a theme like "hardware API integration," and each team builds a solution around that. Some organizations also hold internal hackathons where teams work on solutions to problems that the organization is trying to overcome.

2. Encourage health and wellness - Exercise program for onsite employees is a great way to encourage remote employees to participate in wellness efforts. Companies use group exercise programs like Peloton to create an exercise community of workers around the world, created by Mobile app development services

3. Gamification - Adding game-playing elements to nongame environments, is much liked by companies to encourage engagement among the employees. The same tactics of promoting competitions and rewards for everyday activities can be an effective employee engagement strategy.

4. Ted talk - At the beginning or end of your virtual meetings, have one team member lead a Ted style talk. This will boost morale and knowledge sources. Full stack app development services have created some tremendous platforms.

5. Online yearbook - Company yearbooks are a big win for work from home engagement activities.

6. Internal knowledge sharing - Many companies have an internal wiki set up to share information about the company's updates. A shared site like tried-and-true SharePoint for employees to house and update information is beneficial for both in house and remote employees. iOS app development companies have life much easier.

7. Gift cards - Consider sending a gift card so that remote employees don't feel left out of Monday's motivation.

8. Virtual casual hangouts - It's also important to plan out virtual get-togethers for non-work-related chats.

9. Rewards - Recognition and rewards system that motivates employees to achieve goals and milestones with an instant and all digital rewards network.

10. Survey - Companies invest in software that conducts surveys and delivers reports helping HR and business managers make analytical decisions, enhancing company culture and employee well being.

Case study On Employee Engagement Software

SAP HANA Platform comes in integrating new functionality or applications that foster employee engagement. The SAP HANA Cloud is a full-featured platform that provides organizations with an agile cloud development environment to build and extend personalized applications that tie back to the company's HR solution. This ability to quickly adapt, build, and deploy next-generation HR extensions empowers organizations to quickly and effectively complement, reimagine, and evolve their HR practices. Available through the SAP HANA App Center, Semos offers out-of-the-box solution extensions with implementation services for deploying and adapting the solution to the organization's unique HR employee engagement program needs and requirements. (source: SAP case study)

Essential features for an employee engagement platform, innovative employee engagement ideas

Monetization model for employee engagement software

According to The Predictive Index, the lack of engagement costs U.S. businesses $483 billion to $605 billion every year. Conversely, by boosting engagement by just one percentage point, you can gain up to $100,000 in annual revenue.

Successful apps work on subscription models; however, they give free trials with limited features and periods to get customers on board.

1. Pricing Model

2. Customer Types

Small Business/Large Enterprises/Medium Business


Idea 2 : Janitorial services startup ideas

With COVID-19 cases in the U.S. continuing to rise, so too grows the immediate demand for janitorial, cleaning services, and janitorial workloading software. In an industry that, from 2014 through 2019, enjoyed only a growth of 1.7% annually, coronavirus has got a 75% spike in job opportunities in the sector in March compared to a year earlier, according to online jobs marketplace ZipRecruiter. Several cleaning companies have seen an exponential increase in demand for cleaning services and disinfect all commonly-used areas and offices. For keeping employees, safe cleaning will be much higher up the corporate agenda.

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 Industry Products and Services, janitorial service scheduling software

The Functionality Of Janitorial Management Tools

Let me explain this with the case study of the Janatrak App, a powerful tool for janitorial management developed by CodeToArt Technology Pvt. Ltd.

  1. Login into the application.
  2. Check the calendar for the task assigned or assign a new job; For this, we use a Calendar view with colors on each day like Red for incomplete or in case if the issue is raised, orange for in progress and green for completing tasks without problems.
  3. The checklist is being created automatically, and work is assigned.
  4. The task assigned, location, and the person assigned all will be displayed.
  5. The person assigned for the job check-in before starting the work and check-out at post-completion.
  6. The person needs sign-off from location manager in order to checkout
  7. Real-time monitoring of check-in and check-out time is tracked.
  8. The job rating by the customer is also visible, along with remarks.

Essential Features - janitorial service scheduling software

Boosting productivity with the use of software tools helps organize the tedious day-to-day operations for business owners in the cleaning sector.

1. Managing schedule - It manages every aspect of the business such as billing, real-time feedback, lead generation, progress tracking.

2. Time and team management capabilities - GPS enabled software and a time tracking system is an indispensable tool for cleaning companies. You can easily keep track of when and where your team worked throughout the day, as well as the projects. 

3. Customer relationship management (CRM) tools - CRM makes communication easy and more efficient with customers and clients and provides the services required.

4. Client management - Janatrak simplifies managing multiple accounts and helps resolve issues in real-time. Adding new clients can be handled smoothly on the app.

5. Service history tracking - Through the app, useful reports can be created regarding existing clients, new clients added, service providers, feedbacks, inventory, tasks, etc.

6. Mobile access - Janatrak enables the admin to save time by managing all resources in one place. Tasks can be assigned daily or weekly; issues can be monitored, keeping in loop all the concerned personnel.

7. Service Rating - Clients can even submit their feedback on the app to help measure performance and work on areas that require improvement.

Monetization Model Of janitorial workloading software - startup ideas

Subscription model 

Idea 3 - Telemedicine App For Pets, veterinary telemedicine

Telemedicine apps, vet virtual for pets help the user connect with the pet's vet via video chat, track medication for the pet, manage appointments, and much more. Your pet gets medical help without moving out. A successful software startup ideas

Critical Requirements Of The Applications

Pet's Owner

  1. Login to app
  2. Select the doctor
  3. Each doctor have time slots available
  4. Select the time slots, make the payment for booking amount
  5. The system sends a reminder one hour before the time slot
  6. During timeslot, the doctor will be available for video call
  7. After the video call, the rest of the amount is charged


  1. Login to app
  2. Select the timeslot when the doctor is available
  3. Receive the appointment during that time slot
  4. Available for video call during the appointment time slot
  5. Sends prescription in private message

Monetization Model

Premium content - Information of latest updates about pet products, equipment in form of native articles or branded content by companies published on the platforms.

In-app advertising - A lot of companies directly or indirectly connected with healthcare of pets love to publish their products on the platforms like pet food.

Transactions - Online sale of medicine via the platforms, however this is the most profitable model but requires a lot of permissions and implementation complexity.


This is the moment to step up, innovate, and deliver what makes an impact in the society, a real social impact. Investing in these startup ideas and working together, we will undoubtedly adapt to an uncertain but prosperous future. Our web and mobile app development company, custom mobile app development company, will be more than happy to share the framework of these technology startup ideas. Do let us know your thoughts.



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