Project Idea

Worthee is an app designed to empower low-wage workers who work hard day in and day out. It helps to give and get feedback with just a few swipes. It is easy and anonymous. You can give ratings and write feedback.Worthee empowers you to share opinions and feedback. You can also learn from others what you do well and what you can improve on.


We initially developed the android MVP using Java and later during enhancements, we switched completely to Kotlin gradually. Moreover, they have some critical point-based contest based on which users can earn cash. We have made it thoroughly configurable where admin can decide which action on the app can help to earn how many points.


Backend & Admin Panel

All the REST APIs required for the Android/iOS app were developed in worthee. Also, admin panels were built to do all admin-related stuff which simplifies the overall operations of Worthee team.

Android & iOS app

We build Android & iOS apps where users can join the workspace, give and get reviews, put messages on the Message Board, view the Leaderboard, and build his profile.

Technology Stack

Language - Ruby
Framework - Padrino
Database - Postgresql
Cache - Redis

Language - Kotlin
Database - SQLite
Design Pattern - MVP

Language - Swift
Database - Realm
Design Pattern - MVVM

Worthee app-1 Worthee app-2 Worthee app-3 Worthee app-4



Give & Get Feedback

Worthee empowers you to give the feedback and share your opinion regarding your workplace, your manager or your colleague. Giving feedback is simple with just a few swipes and it is completely anonymous. Getting feedback helps us to know where we are strong and where we can improve.


Give Kudos

If you enjoyed working with any coworker, search him/her and give him kudos and write a beautiful message for the person.



In Worthee, little gamification is also added. Users earn points for using the app. And the total points you earned each month determines your rank. And based on your rank you can earn cash.


Message Board

Each workplace has a message board where coworkers can share the messages anonymously.


Get Points and Earn Money

Worthee will reward your efforts to empower others and yourself. We ensure you celebrate doing the right things by giving you points which in return can make you earn that extra happiness.


Dashboard & KPIs

We also developed a Dashboard which gives important KPIs like number of reviews done, messages shared and new users joined.


Initially we developed MVP following which we were hired dedicatedly to work on new designs, feature enhancements, etc.

Worthee app-5 Worthee app-6 Worthee app-7 Worthee app-8

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