How do certain companies design products, which are just what the market needs? How do they keep innovating the products to better market reach? How do companies like Facebook understand consumer behavior so well and draft campaigns that connect with the users in critical times of polling? It's all because of the mobile app development companies transforming the market with advanced survey tools, which bridges the gap between companies and consumers. Survey apps are a must needed tool for every company to survive in a highly competitive market. Earlier, taking surveys and opinion polls was a challenging and time-consuming task. However, various Survey Apps developed by successful app development companies, available in the market have changed the way we take surveys these days. Everything is on the internet, and people from across the globe can take numerous surveys irrespective of their geographical location, demography, or social status. 

So, here you will discover 

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Why survey apps are a must for businesses?

1. Market feedback -

Customer Feedback 

Several multi-million-dollar companies need a robust customer feedback database, which is only possible through large-scale surveys.

2. Check your idea

Small-scale businesses can benefit from survey app for iphone  designed by mobile app development companies. They can take polls for their new products or take surveys to check customer feedback on existing products and services. Moreover, survey app for android allow businesses to create custom surveys with customised questions that help collect very specific databases.

3. Rewards -


Internet or app users can get some rewards in terms of money by taking these surveys and giving their honest opinions about the product or service that it concerns. Google receives money from businesses, such as market research firms and small businesses who create the surveys. When a user responds to a survey, the publishers earn US$0.05. The consumer earns as a "soft paywall" for websites offering premium content. Users get access to content for free when visiting these websites.

4. Check correctness of pricing

The best way to price your products is to measure what consumers are willing to pay using pricing and value research surveys enabled by survey app development.

Survey Apps Business Model

Survey Apps are Market Research Firms that provide a range of surveys and research data on products and services through data collection and analysis. They believe that Internet-based research is more efficient than traditional methods. Their services are used by a range of federal, institutional, and corporate customers.

In most Survey apps, any company can sign up to use their services. Companies can fetch specialized data from these survey providers for a fixed amount of money. Moreover, they offer several customization features that allow companies to take detailed data or surveys to meet their marketing needs. Some apps developed by web app development companies collect responses on behalf of the company, while others only provide a platform to collect responses but don't reach out to audiences to receive responses. For instance, Survey Monkey basic free package allows 10 questions and 100 responses only. The standard package, which is 899 INR/month, grants unlimited questions, and 1000 responses. Survey monkey works on the freemium business. For advanced features, they have the option to upgrade to one of our other plans. Premium service has monthly and yearly plans with additional features, such as Unlimited questions, Unlimited responses, Custom design, Text analysis for open responses, A/B testing, SPSS integration.

 While Quick Tap Survey provides apps to collect responses from our audiences, they charge based on the number of users collecting responses, the number of devices used to collect responses, question types, and branding. For individuals, they only allow the single user at 19$ per month with limited question types and no branding. They do have a small business package at 41$ per month, which allows unlimited users for a single device, advanced question types, and custom branding.

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Core Features

The essential thing that companies look into a survey app is how it helps make the complicated task easier of understanding the market and consumers patterns based on behavior, price, competition, likes-dislikes, geography, gender, age-group, and much more. 

Here, we have listed some key features that make a survey app most desirable.

1. Survey Templates 

 Survey App Templates

 Most prominent queries that companies have when using a survey app for iphone and survey app for android for the first time are - 

It is crucial that survey apps have ready-made templates covering every aspect of the survey and are easy to understand and should be customizable. Some of the best survey apps, like "Survey Monkey," have nearly 200 survey templates for most topics to help companies get started. SurveyMonkey templates have questions written by survey experts to reduce bias and help collect the required data. Some models are only available on paid plans. Templates with more than 10 questions require a paid plan to use them. Some templates with more than ten questions are available for free, but you need a paid plan for editing the template questions.
How to make easy to use surveys:

  1. Have a Create Survey button on the home screen.
  2. Start from the template.
  3. Make a category from the dropdown menu to browse available templates and also keep the option of Team templates.
  4. Overview of the survey.
  5. Option to edit the survey.

Types of templates:  It should cover every aspect of market requirement, example

2. Skip Logic

It lets you, direct respondents, to a survey through different paths based on one or multiple conditions. It provides a custom path for respondents through the survey. Subject to the answers, respondents get the next question. It ensures more engagement and enhanced user-experience and higher completion rate of surveys. It is of 3 types: Question skip logic, Page skip logic, advanced branching.

3. Question Types

App development company while designing survey app should keep questions and answer formats customizable so that companies can design questions as per their experience and approach, ensuring more insights through the survey. You must have noticed the youtube survey questions are so easy to understand and visually appealing for respondents. Question types are:

5. Personalized features

Personalization is the key for any survey app for development, like Google Forms, "Intelligent response validation" detects input in the form fields to identify what is written and ask the user to correct. Depending on file-sharing settings in Google Drive, users can request file uploads from individuals outside their respective companies.

6.Conditions on Answers

In terms of conditions on answers, survey apps provide solutions for showing and hiding certain questions depending upon the previous answers given by the person taking the survey. Companies can present answers with conditional triggers that offer customized and personalized surveys and Q/A. 

7. Customize the behavior of your survey

For example, you can disqualify respondents who answer a series of questions in a certain way, so you can screen out respondents that aren't relevant to your survey's goals. You can also show or hide a page in your survey based on the respondent's email address.

8. Scoring Algorithm

Survey apps have a scoring algorithm based on specific rules and guidelines that are automated to give the outcome of the data or the survey. Certain weight or score is assigned to each question. Most positive answers score 10 while the least definite answer scores 0. Scoring of all questions together is then aggregated to give you a single score. It speeds up the process of generating insights and aggregating feedback. It can also be used if you're making a quiz, and you want to calculate the score at the end easily. The score can be displayed at the end of the survey or sent as an email. Numeric, Calendar Box and Slider questions support three comparison operators - greater than, less than, and in between.

 9. Export data 

Many survey apps designed by custom web application companies won't let you export your survey data unless you start using the paid version.

10. Custom logo

 With paid versions, users can get rid of the survey tool's logo and make it your own.

11. Data Analysis -

Survey App Analysis

Survey Apps offer various plans that give extra benefits like data analysis and analytics review that shows summaries of the data collected or more advanced solutions like multivariate statistical methods, cross-tabulation filtering, and weighting statistics. Easy format: 

How to design a user-friendly survey app for iPhone and survey app for android?

1. Target audience: Mobile app development companies must identify whom they are targeting with the mobile survey app, so you know the requirements well.

2.  Intuitive design:  The screen displaying the survey should be easy to understand; one question on one screen helps users taking the survey not spend time scrolling the page up and down. Avoid long dropdown panels, large text boxes; these are hard to manage on mobile screens.

3.  Precise: Make your questions shorter; remove unnecessary words. Try using more tables, matrics rather than complex and open-ended questions. While drafting questions, keep in mind that it should be easy to interact with the audience, especially on a mobile screen.

4.  Alerts:  Send alerts and notifications to users to take up the survey and available rewards. 

5.  Mobile and desktop are different -

 Survey Mobile app 

User experience on mobile and desktop is entirely different. There has to be a separate template for both the devices. The Mobile screen should have proper front and text to be visible to users. Don't use many images when designing a survey for a mobile app as it may make the screen lengthy and slows down the load time.

6.  Design-  Give time to think about how the screen will look user friendly. Users are prone to leave a survey if it's not easy to understand and quick. Try keeping options vertical in multi-choice questions. 

7.  Small sections-  Break the survey into small sections, so that users don't get jumbled up in scrolling the screen. 

8.  Mobile data-  Avoid using images and videos, they may consume battery and mobile data.

9.  Survey App-  The survey app for iphone and android are more likable. Test your survey on all popular platforms. 

There are four approaches known to produce mobile survey app success: design a configurable mobile survey app that implements your survey requirements; build a survey application using software development kits (SDKs); use Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) and API, or complete all tasks yourself.


Now that you know how survey apps play a critical role in understanding consumer behavior, competition, market. Designing one needs a lot of research and a holistic approach. Design tools and technology play a crucial role in deciding whether your survey app for iphone, android and web are appealing enough for both companies and users. Our web and mobile app development company will be pleased to brainstorm your idea about a survey app. Do you have any questions, ask us now!

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