Baby Sidekick

Baby Sidekick

Project Idea

“BabySideKick” is the platform that lets you keep track of your infant’s most important information from sleep, vaccines, diaper changes, weight and much more.


The client wanted us to develop an Android version of the app which can be easily scalable later to add more baby activities to track. Initially, the app was only tracking Height, Head size, Weight, Nursing, Pumping, and Sleep. We made it scalable in such a way that adding the new baby activity would have been a matter of implementing only a few classes related to the new baby activity. Later we added three more events like Bath, Diaper, Milestone, etc.

After successfully delivering the Android app, we started with an iOS version developed by another team. The iOS version had many architectural bugs. We made a checklist of all the changes which needed improvements and fixed many bugs within the process delivering the improved iOS app successfully to the store.


Android App

An Android version of the app was developed to track and monitor baby’s activities like nursing, pumping, sleep, height, weight, head size etc. Moreover, it used to remind us about nursing and pumping activity based on the hours we set. The information can be shared with all caretakers to keep everyone in sync.

iOS App

An iOS version of the app was developed to track and monitor baby’s activities and all data can be synced between android and ios devices.

Technology Stack

Language - Java
Database - SQLite using ORMLite
Design Pattern - MVP

Language - Objective-C
Database - Realm
Design Pattern - MVVM

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Charts & Graphs

Graphs that let you know the growth metrics of your baby, eating patterns to know if the consumption is in the right quantity, graphs for moms to understand feeding patterns, behavioral and sleep patterns as well.


Informative home screen

On Baby sidekick’s you can find everything just at a glance; Also it lets you share information with the doctor, spouse, and even the babysitter.


Track it all on Baby Sidekick

The app lets you track every crucial data about the infant including pumping, diaper change, vaccine chart, health and so on. You can also log sleep, bath and milestone events on the app.


Share data across who care

Syncs data across android or IOS and keeps mom, dad, daycare all in sync with how your child is doing throughout the day.


Best pediatric checkups

Make the most of the pediatric checkup as BabySidekick lets you have all the information on your fingertips be it nutrition, sleep pattern, health, medical history, growth, etc.


Smart Mom

The app lets mom understand how she is doing by getting information about nursing time, pumping and can even set reminders to make sure the feeding pattern goes right.


We delivered the android app successfully and worked to make it scalable for tracking more baby activities. Since the client was very happy with our work, he hired us to maintain the iOS app as well.

This project is no longer maintained by the founder.
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