Project Idea

Hollar Hype connects runners and makes supporters motivate them through real-time voice-based messages. It is a motivational platform built to create encouraging and purposeful relations between runners and their supporters at the moment. The experience of camaraderie that Hollarhype creates in the moment increases the joy of running that goes beyond just physical benefit. It does not matter what pace you run, where you run or you don't run, all are welcome to be part of the Hollarhype community.


HollarHype is a startup company with an innovative solution to motivate the athletes to listen to motivational messages from friends and family when they need it most while running and training. 

Since the product is about listening motivational messages when they are running i.e. LIVE. It means it requires an ability to listen to the messages when the app is in background which was a big challenge in iOS since iOS doesn’t allow audio playing in background if there is no active session. We made this possible by running silent music (with no voice) in the background as soon as the app is opened.


Android & iOS App for Athletes 

We developed an Android and iOS app for HollarHype users to go experience the moment, send voice messages and receive voice messages on a real-time basis. It also enables users to create groups, join groups and send group messages. Users can also create campaigns for any noble cause which will be promoted on HollarHype for any event.

Admin Panel

We build a panel for all admin-related activities which also helps to monitor important KPIs like how many messages were sent last week and today, how many new users joined etc. It also enables the admin to schedule group messages for any particular event. 

Technology Stack

Language - Ruby
Framework - Rails & ActiveAdmin
Database - Postgresql
Cache - Redis

Language - Kotlin
Database - SQLite
Design Pattern - MVP

Language - Swift
Database - Realm
Design Pattern - MVVM

Hollarhype app-1 Hollarhype app-2 Hollarhype app-3 Hollarhype app-4



Send real-time voice messages to motivate your peer

Once the runner shares its status on the app, supporters can send motivational voice messages giving that extra appreciation and push real-time.


Handsfree motivational experience

Messages from supporters reach the runner through their headphones during the activity, even if they are listening to music creating a seamless environment.


Support charity runners through Hollarhype

The app does not limit you to updating supporters about the run, it also helps to generate charity while you are running for a cause. By sending messages in real-time about the purpose and letting supporters contribute via the app develops purposeful relations.


Hype history available

Hollarhype ensures the user enjoys their favorite moment, memory anytime. It lets you review and replay your hype history.



The user gets a notification when the member of his/her group goes live or when he/she listens to the message sent by the user.


The project at the end was delivered successfully on both android and app store. We are still maintaining the project by working on the new features.

Hollarhype app-5 Hollarhype app-6 Hollarhype app-7 Hollarhype app-8

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