India Biodiversity Portal

India Biodiversity Portal

Project Idea

The objective of BioDiversityIndia is to aggregate biodiversity data of every kind on an integrated platform where environment enthusiasts can easily interact. India has some of the world's most biodiverse regions and BioDiversityIndia is one platform that lets environmental enthusiasts check out the beauty of the rare species around. It puts up a major portion of our knowledge about biodiversity in our hands and lets you harness collectively, seek voluntary participation for generating content which ultimately benefits society and science and contributes to a sustainable future. Using this pocket technology you get to know about each species around and help observe.


The India Biodiversity Portal is an already established body in India. We have to design the app keeping their branding intact. So, we choose the color theme keeping their existing portal in mind. Moreover, since the app was about uploading sightings which can be found anywhere and anytime where there is no internet connection, they wanted an ability to submit the sighting offline as well. We developed a queuing system, to process the sighting and upload it whenever internet connection is available.


Android app

We developed an android app where users can upload the sightings using the mobile’s camera or gallery. The app supports offline uploading of sightings by users and whenever internet is restored, submitted sightings will be uploaded

Backend and Admin Panel

We also developed REST APIs which were consumed by an android app. An Admin panel enables them to monitor the database.

Technology Stack

Language - Ruby
Framework - Padrino
Database - Postgresql
Cache - Redis

Language - Kotlin
Database - SQLite using ORMLite
Design Pattern - MVP

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Browse Observation by BioDiversity India

This feature lets you find details of any species that have been sighted and reported from nearby locations.


Upload Observation

Capture the sighting of the species on your phone and upload it to BioDiversity India. Even a draft of sighting with GPS coordinates can be saved for submission at a later time. Upon identification and name allocated to the species, observation is automatically associated with the corresponding species page along with location coordinates.


Create your Group

Connect with people who share the same interest in biodiversity in India. The app lets you create groups based on location, kind of species you want to learn about, birdwatch, hills, marine life and so on.



The app has a beautiful Map that provides biogeographical information, land use/land cover and administrative units. There is a generic search and a specific species search function also on the map


The project was success and we worked with them for 2 years on various enhancements after initial development. Moreover, it got good response from the users of India Diversity Portal and have got good rating on Google Play Store.

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