Project Idea

Janatrak app is a powerful tool for janitorial management thereby helping facility management companies lower cost and stay on budget. It also protects the building's assets and reduces workload. The user can manage the staff, check the performance of employees and maintain time records, all in one place.


Since there were multiple employees working at the site, communicating the task information between all the employees working on the location should be realtime. In order to solve this problem, we use WebSockets so that information between the employees should be in real-time.

Moreover, the admin has a clear view of the overall status of each day. For this we use a Calendar view with colors on each day like Red for incomplete or in case if issue is raised, orange for in progress and green for completing tasks without issues.


Android & iOS App 

We developed an Android and iOS app for Janatrak which will help remote employees of cleaning companies to check in at the site, perform the task assigned at that location. The Manager at the site will then review the task and can sign off the work if all is good or can submit the issues if any. 

Admin Panel

We build an admin panel for the admin to monitor the activities of their remote employees, check the issues raised by the manager on site and change the status of issues accordingly.

Technology Stack

Language - Ruby
Framework - Rails & ActiveAdmin
Database - Postgresql
Cache - Redis

Language - Java
Database - SQLite using ORMLite
Design Pattern - MVP

Language - Swift
Database - Realm
Design Pattern - MVVM

Jantrak app-1 Jantrak app-2 Jantrak app-3



Client Management

Janatrak simplifies managing multiple accounts and helps resolve issues in real-time. Adding new clients can be managed smoothly on the app.


Service history tracking

Through the app useful reports can be created regarding existing clients, new clients added, service providers, feedbacks, inventory, tasks, etc.


Mobile access

Janatrak enables the admin to save time by managing all resources in one place. Tasks can be assigned on a daily or weekly basis, issues can be monitored keeping in loop all the concerned personnel.


Service Rating

Clients can even submit their feedback on the app to help measure performance and work on areas that require improvement.


GPS Enabled

The app can track times, resources, and inform all the concerned personnel.


We developed the idea successfully from bare concept to design and at the end publishing on Play store. Following successful delivery of android app, we also developed and published iOS app successfully on App Store.

This project is no longer maintained by the founder.

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