Project Idea

Jetson enables customers at any restaurant to create “Tabs” and send orders from the mobile. Moreover, customers can pay from the app itself or their card can be charged automatically giving them premium experience. The app helps restaurants during rush hours by enabling customers to view the menu and place the order without waiting for the staff to serve.


The client wanted to directly integrate with the POS of the restaurant and so they decided to use Omnivore API. We studied the Omnivore API in detail which gets the Menu Items from POS and sends orders directly into the POS of the restaurant. For testing purposes, Omnivore provides Virtual POS which has limited data and we tested the app against virtual POS. But when we went live with the reallocation, we found out that it was getting a lot of raw menu data. So, we came across the following challenges:

  • Integration with Omnivore API
  • Create the menu type, menu items, and modifiers on our server but mapping it with Omnivore Menu items and Modifiers.
  • An easy way to import all the menu items, modifiers and map them
  •  Auto close all open orders during close time of the restaurant


Restaurant App (Android and iOS)

Both Android and iOS apps were developed which can scan the QR code present at the table in Restaurant. Once QR code is scanned, it presents him/her the menu items filtered by its type. Users can add the menu items and send the order directly to the restaurant POS through a mobile app.

Admin Panel

We also developed a panel to monitor all admin-related stuff like adding menu items, the ability to select multiple categories, adding modifiers and map those modifiers to the relevant group. Ability to set modifier groups to the menu items, etc. Admin panel also provides analytics like average check size during particular periods, the average number of beverages sold, highly sold menu items, etc.

Technology Stack

Language - Ruby
Framework - Padrino
Database - Postgresql
Cache - Redis

Language - Java
Database - SQLite using ORMLite
Design Pattern - MVP

Language - Swift
Database - Realm
Design Pattern - MVVM

Jetson app-1 Jetson app-2 Jetson app-3 Jetson app-4



Dashboard & KPI

Dashboard & KPIs helps keep track of number of orders restaurant received at certain time interval. Which beverage or drinks sold most during certain period of time and such analytics stuff.


Menu Management

Restaurant Owners can manage the menu items, mark the item as out of stock if not available and map the modifier groups to the menu items.


Mobile Ordering

Users can order from the mobile and the order will be sync directly into the POS of the restaurant and with the kitchen.


In App Payment

User can not only order from the mobile but also can make the payment directly from mobile. This gives the premium experience to the user.


Order History

User can view the order history anytime from his mobile.


We delivered the both android & iOS app successfully and published to the respective stores. Moreover, we further added administrative monitoring for each restaurants to manage the menu from the admin panel.

Jetson app-5 Jetson app-6 Jetson app-7

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