Project Idea

Real estate is a highly relationship-based industry and to empower potential renters in new ways is required. Rentloop is an on-demand, apartment touring platform that enables rental without a broker and getting the potential customer best opinion and review from a person who is residing in the vicinity.


The project came to us after dragging up for more than a year by the part-time developers they were working with. So, they had a limited budget and time. We took it as a challenge and work with them to reduce the unnecessary complexity wherever required and remove less important features to make it within budget and timeline. We rewrite the whole project and delivered it within 3 months.


Web App 

We developed a web app for RentLoop where users can search the properties, filter the properties based on his/her requirements like pets, number of bedrooms, number of baths, amenities, etc. Moreover, users can schedule touring requests directly from the app.

Admin Panel

We build a panel for all admin-related activities which also helps to monitor important KPIs like new properties and users being added. It also enables admin to add and update properties.

Technology Stack

Language - Python
Framework - Flask
Database - Postgresql
Cache - Redis

Language - HTML/CSS, Javascript
Framework - ReactJS, Redux

RentLoop app-1 RentLoop app-2 RentLoop app-3 RentLoop app-4



Search properties in your neighborhood

Rentloop enables you to search for properties in your neighborhood. It beautifully displays properties as a marker on a map with the list beside the map. Users can easily scroll to different properties on the click of the marker.


Filter properties

Users can filter the properties by rent, number of beds, number of baths, pets, building amenities, and unit features.


Upload your property

Residents can upload their units available for lease and earn extra income.



Search the property on RentLoop and schedule the tour of selected property via the app itself. The app will then email notification as soon as any resident accepts the tour and help users connect with them.


Dashboard & KPIs

Dashboard enables admin to monitor the database and also update wherever required.


The project was success and we are still working with them for new enhancements.

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