Project Idea

Flexibility, health benefits, zero fuel consumption, and financial savings is what Spilister brings to its users by its advanced peer-to-peer bike rental service. In 90 seconds or less, anyone can list their bikes through Spinlister, once listed people in the area can easily find the bike and hire them. It gives you the freedom to commute wherever you need to. Bike shares are comfortable, have integrated locks and one usually includes fenders, lights, gearings that make urban biking safe and fun.


The backend was being developed by the team based in Poland and we have to integrate with their team and provide appropriate feedback and suggestions to provide the APIs we require. Moreover they had some events planned for launching of new features which means that we have to work on strict deadlines and we successfully achieved each deadline.


Android & iOS app

We developed an android and iOS app which allows users to search for bikes. Users can filter the bikes based on their criteria. Moreover, users can toggle between MapView and ListView. Book the bike for any available time and after using, make the payment and review the owner and bike.

Technology Stack

Language - Java
Database - SQLite
Design Pattern - MVP

Language - Swift
Database - Realm
Design Pattern - MVVM

Spinlister app-1 Spinlister app-2 Spinlister app-3 Spinlister app-4



Easy to list and it’s free

Listing your bike on Spinlister is very smooth, just register yourself, put up images, description, price range, location, availability dates and you are good to go. You can even decline if on the mentioned date the bike is not ready to be rented. The whole process from pickup to return is optimized.


In-store booking option

You can browse the bikes listed by bikers. Moreover, you can pay and book the bike instantly from within the app itself.


Image Library

Spinlister gives you access to check the bike via its photo gallery before booking the ride. Check it, love it and ride it.


Fleet Protection

Spinlister allows you to pay when bikes are rented, it offers full theft and damage insurance as well. The app ensures your bikes are in good hands, we guarantee the safety of bikes up to $5000 and even provide Facebook, twitter, mobile and credit card verifications as well.


Encourages new demographics

Spinlister is multi-location and introduces new people into the biking community by providing ease to find bikes, gives you safety and fun at the same time


Made to earn and save at the same time

You now make money on Spinlister by sharing your bike long unused and on the contrary by hiring bikes one saves on fuel and also mad rush hours.


We worked on this project for 5 months with a US-based backend team and successfully delivered the Android and iOS apps both in the respective stores.

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